TIFF Review: ‘State Funeral’

State Funeral (Netherlands/Lithuania, 135 min.) Programme: Wavelengths According to a survey done earlier this year by the Russian polling firm Levada, 70% of Russians are of the opinion that Josef Stalin’s rule

TIFF Review: ‘City Dream’

City Dream (China, 100 min) Dir. Weijun Chen Programme: TIFF Docs (World Premiere) It doesn’t seem to matter whether a system is capitalist or communist. The consequential things remain the same. Weijun Chen’s latest

TIFF Review: ‘Ibrahim: A Fate to Define’

Ibrahim: A Fate to Define (Denmark/Lebanon/Qatar/Slovenia/Palestine, 110 min.) Dir. Lina Al-Abed Programme: TIFF Docs (World Premiere) We’ve seen films like Ibrahim: A Fate to Define before, the ones where family members find out much—sometimes too much—about

TIFF Review: ‘Paris Stalingrad’

Paris Stalingrad (France, 86 min.) Dir. Hind Meddeb w/Thim Naccache Programme: TIFF Docs (International Premiere) Back in 1960, the filmmaker Jean Rouch, already acclaimed for Moi, un Noir, his genre-busting semi-fictional documentary shot in Africa’s

TIFF Review: ‘The Kingmaker’

The Kingmaker (USA, Denmark, 100 min.) Dir. Lauren Greenfield Programme: TIFF Docs (Canadian premiere) Lauren Greenfield has become an award winning documentarian thanks to films like Generation Wealth and The Queen of Versailles, which illustrate the obnoxiousness

TIFF Review: ‘Cunningham’

Cunningham (US/France/Germany, 93 min) Dir. Alla Kovgan Programme: TIFF Docs (World Premiere) Two-thirds of Cunningham consists of exquisite dancing choreographed by the iconic American choreographer Merce Cunningham, taking place on sets by the likes of Robert

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