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POV is set to publish its 120th issue in 2023. That’s a major milestone for a not-for-profit publication. We have covered the documentary scene in Canada since 1990, expanding our coverage in recent years to include more international perspectives and grow exponentially as an online publication.

POV operates through the generous supports of arts councils, the dedication of our subscribers, and our advertisers. Our print magazine remains the driving force of our revenue but the cost of printing has nearly doubled since 2021, while our grants remain fixed in multi-year cycles.

First the first time in our 30+ year history, we are asking you, our readers, to make a donation to POV. Your support would help make the magazine more sustainable for years to come. A particular goal is to expand our online coverage and to be able to offer more competitive rates to our outstanding and diverse cadre of freelance contributors.

A donation—no amount is too small!—means that we can keep the website accessible and without paywall. It means both more coverage from major festivals and having the resources to give space to new voices from exciting documentary scenes and festivals across the country.

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Any donation of $15 or more automatically includes a one-year print subscription. Additionally, consider becoming a member of the Documentary Organization of Canada, which turns 40 this year and includes a POV subscription as a member benefit.

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