Hot Docs Review: ‘Immortal’

Immortal (Estonia, 60 min.) Dir. Ksenia Okhapkina Programme: The Changing Face of Europe Set in an industrial town of post-Soviet Russia, Immortal is glued together by a hypnotic stream of moving train units and

Hot Docs Review: ‘Two Gods’

Two Gods (United States, 85 min.) Dir. Zeshawn Ali Program: World Showcase Two Gods is an astonishing and powerful debut by Zeshawn Ali. Presented in black and white, the story unfolds in shades

Hot Docs Review: ‘Mein Vietnam’

Mein Vietnam (Germany/Austria, 70 min.) Dir. Tim Ellrich, Thi Hien Mai Program: World Showcase Thi Bay Nguyen and Trung Tam Mai have been living in Germany for nearly thirty years. However, one

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