Under the Mountie’s Hat

If Canada is to live up to its egalitarian promise, the mandate of the police and the security state must be radically rethought and restructured. In bearing witness and deepening understanding, documentaries

True or False


Has anyone noticed, that the most untruthful American president in history came to office surrounded with documentary filmmakers? Is the difference between Michael Moore and Donald Trump simply one of degree?

Acting Naturally


Chloé Zhao’s films illustrate how one can serve subjects’ experiences fairly by making them active participants and ensuring that their perspectives are the dramatic focus.

Based on a True Story


As documentary filmmakers increasingly adopted the narrative structure and storytelling strategies of fiction films, fiction filmmakers reciprocated, borrowing heavily from the documentary form to imbue their works with a greater sense of

Documenting the October Crisis


For many anglophones inside and outside of Quebec, the October crisis represents the first time many considered the unequal treatment of French Canadians within the country. We mark its 50th anniversary with

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