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Documentary Community Demands CBC Confront Alleged Islamophobia and Anti-Palestinian Racism

Open letter from REMC and DOC includes over 700 signatories

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Over 700 members of Canada’s documentary community have signed an open letter to executives at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) requesting that Canada’s public broadcaster confront and address allegations of Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism. The letter alleges a pattern of Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian behaviour in both CBC news and the broadcaster’s documentary unit.

As of first press time, over initial 560 signatories support an open letter jointly sent by the Racial Equity Media Collective (REMC) and the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC). [Full disclosure: POV was founded by DOC but operates independently of it, while REMC managing director Julian Carrington is on the POV board of directors, as are several signatories of the letter.]

The list of signatories includes a recent Academy Award winner, two of this year’s Oscar nominees, a number of Canadian Screen Award winners, and many filmmakers whose works have been supported by the CBC and have screened at some of the world’s top festivals. Despite that, several people signed the letter anonymously citing concerns for reprisals, loss of employment, or blacklisting.

With regards to CBC News, the letter charges that there have been a series of imbalances, double standards, and biases that date back to 2020 with journalists having references to Palestine removed from their work and subsequently apologizing for using the word “Palestine” in lieu of “Palestinian territories.” [It is not known if this apology was self-directed.] Many of these instances have been reported in outlets such as The Breach and the Review of Journalism.

On the documentary front, the letter addresses a pattern of erratic behaviour by a CBC documentary executive posting racist and Islamophobic content of increasingly aggressive tone since October 7, 2023. These social media messages include posts on the executive’s personal Facebook page and Twitter/X profile, as well as comments on posts by members in the documentary field. Said executive frequently used their Facebook profile akin to a community message board to share news and accomplishments of CBC documentaries, drawing the “likes” and engagement of peers in the field and demonstrating the role  of personal social media accounts in community engagement. POV has reviewed screenshots of said social media posts.

The letter notes that queries about the propriety of such posts were sent to the CBC Ombudsman and the CBC Values and Ethics Commissioner in January 2024 after leaders in the field learned of them.

Subsequent concerns were sent to CBC management. On February 26, REMC wrote to CBC executives relaying that the social media posts were in violation of the broadcaster’s Journalistic Standards and Practices. Screenshots of the posts were included in the correspondence to the CBC and have been reviewed by POV.

In the Feb. 26 letter, which has been reviewed by POV, REMC noted, “[The executive] has also engaged in heavily politicised exchanges with independent producers. These interactions are especially damaging to [their] professional integrity, as they forcefully signal [their] political opinions to members of the very community over whom [he or she] exercises editorial discretion.”

The letter noted that many of these posts share sources of questionable nature. “Rather than share balanced, journalistic articles from reputable sources, [the executive] has repeatedly shared material of the opposite nature: crudely reductive, pointedly divisive, and with no adherence to journalistic standard,” noted REMC.

It was later discovered that the executive had a second account with which to share posts of a similar nature. A selfie taken by the executive and posted within that X/Twitter feed clearly identified them as the account’s owner. [REMC and DOC have requested that the executive not be named or identified in posts or references.]


In a subsequent letter sent on March 28, award winning filmmaker Brett Story (UnionThe Prison in Twelve Landscapes) filed a complaint against the executive. The complaint, which has been reviewed by POV, cited extensively trolling of members of the public, including public leaders, who expressed sympathy for Palestinians, called for a ceasfire, or made reference to the genocide of Palestinians. This included an unprovoked response to Story, who lived in the West Bank for several years during her childhood, after she expressed wishes that Hot Docs “issue a call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.”

A screenshot taken by POV of the March 23 exchange on X.

In her letter, Story noted concerns that future pitches to the CBC could be compromised were that executive to be making decisions about which documentaries receive a green light. Today’s open letter alleges that REMC and DOC have “heard multiple stories from documentary filmmakers of their experiences of Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian discrimination in working with CBC over many years.”

A query sent by POV to the Values and Ethics Commissioner about the letters of complaint received the following response from CBC PR: “With respect to your questions, as you might anticipate, we don’t comment on confidential employee matters.” POV’s additional requests for comment sent to CBC management received a response that deferred to the PR letter.

“Sadly, CBC’s apparent lack of urgency and rigour in addressing these repeated policy violations left the community with a clear impression: combating Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism is not a priority for CBC,” noted today’s open letter. “In private, senior CBC managers have candidly acknowledged the breach of community trust caused by the Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism demonstrated by the above-referenced production executive, and have professed a desire to repair that breach.”

Moreover, in an interview conducted by POV with Carrington and DOC executive director Sarah Spring prior to the letter’s publication, the signatories noted the CBC’s reluctance for public action and conversation. “We’re seeing a litany of institutional failures,” said Carrington.

Carrington and Spring added that the failure to address these allegations reflects a struggle for the public broadcaster to live up to the diversity, equity, and inclusion targets it set in the wake of the racial reckoning of 2020 in which numerous public and cultural organizations pledged to prioritize the stories and voices of creators who are Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour.

Spring noted that behaviour cited in the letter illustrates how filmmakers often need to justify “narrative positioning” when pitching a story—meaning that they must demonstrate how their lived experience qualifies them to tell a story, or demonstrate the perspective that they will bring to a work—while decision makers in broadcasting are not held to the same standards for the stories they give the greenlight.

“It’s not just about targets,” said Spring. “How do we ensure that we’re centring care and how do we ensure that filmmakers are cared for?”


This is a developing story and will be updated as it progresses.


Read the full letter below.



June 6, 2024

Dear Catherine Tait, Sally Catto, Jennifer Dettman, and CBC Values and Ethics Commissioner,

Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism exist throughout Canadian society and its institutions; they are not limited to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. But as the country’s national broadcaster and a leading producer of news and documentary content, CBC is mandated to “reflect the multicultural and multiracial nature of Canada,” which creates a special duty to acknowledge, confront and eliminate these forms of racism within its internal culture, including within its news and documentary departments.

While manifestations of Islamophobia in Canada are well documented, the impacts of anti-Palestinian racism are less widely understood. In 2022, the Arab Canadian Lawyers Association provided a detailed report on anti-Palestinian racism in Canada, including this definition:

Anti-Palestinian racism is a form of anti-Arab racism that silences, excludes, erases, stereotypes, defames or dehumanizes Palestinians or their narratives. Anti-Palestinian racism takes various forms including:

  • denying the Nakba and justifying violence against Palestinians;
  • failing to acknowledge Palestinians as an Indigenous people with a collective identity, belonging and rights in relation to occupied and historic Palestine;
  • erasing the human rights and equal dignity and worth of Palestinians;
  • excluding or pressuring others to exclude Palestinian perspectives, Palestinians and their allies;
  • defaming Palestinians and their allies with slander such as being inherently antisemitic, a terrorist threat/sympathizer or opposed to democratic values.

We, the undersigned documentary professionals, cultural workers, and other concerned parties, are publicly calling upon CBC to address an apparent pattern of anti-Palestinian bias, Islamophobia, and anti-Palestinian racism within the corporation’s news and documentary culture.

In so doing, we stand in solidarity with the Palestinian-Canadian Artists and Academics Network (PCAAN), and echo their recent call for accountability.

We are writing this letter because we value CBC and sincerely believe in its mandate. We believe that a thriving and truly inclusive public broadcaster is pivotal to a healthy democracy and a pluralistic society. But we are also sharing this letter publicly because members of our community have made several good-faith attempts to seek accountability for previously unreported instances of Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism within CBC’s documentary unit, to no avail.

Below, we outline recent examples of anti-Palestinian bias and anti-Palestinian racism at CBC News, to contextualize the Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism we have witnessed within CBC’s documentary unit:

August 2020: CBC Radio program The Current deletes the word “Palestine” from the online record and later broadcasts of an episode; the show host later issues an on-air apology for having used the word “Palestine” at all.

April 2021: In notable contrast to The Globe & Mail, BBC, and NPR, CBC declines to cover Human Rights Watch’s groundbreaking report, A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution. 

May 2021: Hundreds of Canadian journalists sign an open letter to Canadian newsrooms calling for fair, nuanced and contextual reporting on Palestine and for the inclusion of Palestinian voices; CBC journalists who sign the letter later report that CBC had barred them from working on stories related to Palestine-Israel; leaked emails from CBC management to all staff ask them to refrain from using “Palestine” even in casual conversations.

June 2022: The Review of Journalism publishes “CBC’s Palestine Exception.” It contains numerous direct accounts from current and former CBC staff, illustrating a culture of fear that prevails in relation to the organization’s reporting on Palestine, and how that chill contributes to anti-Palestinian bias in CBC coverage.

Since the Hamas attacks of October 7 and the subsequent Israeli military operations in Gaza, this pattern of discriminatory coverage has become more pronounced. In December 2023, a report from The Breach and Toronto Metropolitan University’s Review of Journalism found that CBC News’ The National featured 42% more Israeli voices than Palestinian in its first month of coverage following October 7.

In January 2024, another report in The Breach detailed the double-standard in CBC’s description of killings of approximately 1,200 Israelis by Hamas (“murderous,” “vicious,” “brutal,” “massacre,” and “slaughter”) vs more neutral language (“intensive,” “unrelenting,” and “punishing”) to describe the killing of tens of thousands of Palestinians by Israeli forces.

And then, most comprehensively, in May 2024, The Breach published a first-hand account from a Jewish former CBC reporter, detailing numerous specific instances of anti-Palestinian bias within CBC News, as well as a clear double standard with respect to the CBC’s framing of Palestinian and Israeli perspectives. The article sets out how, since October 7th, CBC News staff have, among other things:

  • repeatedly canceled or pre-taped Palestinian guests;
  • brought scrutiny to Palestinian guests’ statements that was not applied to Israelis;
  • allowed Israeli guests to make false claims on-air without pushback because “time was limited”;
  • avoided airing uses of the word “genocide” in the context of Gaza;
  • drawn up an unofficial list of “banned” Palestinian guests to avoid;
  • made dehumanizing comments about Palestinians in the newsroom;
  • and minimized examples of anti-Palestinian racism while emphasizing examples of antisemitism in their reporting.

After the story was published, Canada’s Special Representative on Combating Islamophobia, Amira Elghawaby, called it an “extremely disturbing read that resurfaces serious questions about anti-Palestinian bias” at CBC. She announced that she would seek to meet with CBC President Catherine Tait in an effort to “ensure Canadian Muslim voices are fairly reflected and included in CBC coverage.”

Later, in its News Editor’s Blog, the general manager and editor in chief of CBC News, Brodie Fenlon, sought to deny the article’s general contentions of pro-Israeli whitewashing and censorship. But Mr. Fenlon also conceded that the instances of bias cited in the article will “ring true” to some journalists at CBC, and that CBC has, at times, failed to “[live] up to our values of inclusivity.”

Islamophobia & Anti-Palestinian Racism within CBC Documentaries

These failures to live up to CBC’s values are not unique to CBC News. We must also call attention to evidenced instances of Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism within CBC’s documentary unit, indicating that these forms of discrimination may be endemic across CBC more broadly.

In January 2024, members of our community learned that since October 7, in clear contravention of CBC’s Journalistic Standards and Practices, a CBC documentary production executive had shared dozens of racist, discriminatory and often factually incorrect social media posts about Muslims, Palestine, and Palestinians. Some of these posts directly confronted filmmakers who expressed support for Palestinians during South Africa’s case before the International Court of Justice — a case that resulted in a determination that Palestinians have plausible rights to protection from genocide in relation to the Israeli Defense Forces’ siege of Gaza.

Per CBC policies, this behaviour would be inappropriate for any CBC employee. But the posts were especially shocking coming from a production executive with major editorial oversight, who plays a central role in determining which filmmakers and documentary projects CBC will commission.

In late January, the executive’s behavior was privately brought to the attention of the executive’s manager, the CBC Ombudsman, and the CBC Values and Ethics Commissioner. But, consistent with accounts of a double-standard, these Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian posts, which plainly violated CBC policies, were not immediately curtailed. Instead, over a span of months, these policy violations were allowed to continue and even intensify.

It was this apparent impunity that prompted a formal letter of complaint on February 26, laying out this executive’s evident breaches of the social media provisions of CBC’s journalistic standards, including screenshots of the posts in question. Even then, this executive continued to violate those policies, posting publicly via a secondary social media account that CBC failed to discover for a further four weeks. This executive eventually went on leave, but only after CBC received a second letter of complaint on March 28, signed by over 130 documentary professionals, which revealed the existence of the secondary account, along with its inflammatory Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian contents. Sadly, CBC’s apparent lack of urgency and rigour in addressing these repeated policy violations left the community with a clear impression: combating Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism is not a priority for CBC.

Since early March, advocates representing documentary filmmakers and racialized screen creators have held several meetings with senior CBC management, urging the organization to publicly disavow the discriminatory attitudes evidenced in the social media posts, and to take concrete steps to ensure that Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism will not be tolerated within CBC’s documentary unit going forward. Unfortunately, those managers have not been prepared to openly voice such commitments.

Within the same timeframe, we have heard multiple stories from documentary filmmakers of their experiences of Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian discrimination in working with CBC over many years. These filmmakers have also expressed reluctance to report these instances of discrimination to CBC executives for fear of reprisal. This understandable reluctance makes it difficult to quantify the impacts of Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism on CBC’s documentary programming — a difficulty compounded by the fact that CBC does not currently publish equity data on its documentary unit.

In private, senior CBC managers have candidly acknowledged the breach of community trust caused by the Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism demonstrated by the above-referenced production executive, and have professed a desire to repair that breach.

One potential avenue to begin that repair was the recent CRTC-mandated consultation with racialized producers convened on May 22, inviting responses to the question: “How can CBC nurture our relationships with independent racialized producers and creators in Canada?” And yet, when participants in the consultation attempted to raise concerns about Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism, they were effectively shut down on the basis that CBC could not address such concerns in a public forum.

If CBC is to regain the community’s trust, nurture positive relationships with racialized creators, and truly live up to its mandate to reflect Canada’s multicultural and multiracial composition, CBC leadership must embrace transparency and accountability.

To that end, we are seeking the following five commitments from CBC:

  1. CBC must give substance to its senior managers’ private statements by publicly acknowledging the harms and breaches of trust caused by the Islamophobic and anti-Palestinian behavior of CBC staff.
  2. CBC must publicly set out the steps it will undertake to ensure that Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism will no longer be tolerated within CBC, including specific steps to ensure that these forms of discrimination will not continue to influence which films and filmmakers are supported, or restrict Palestinian voices from being platformed on CBC News. Further, these steps should be undertaken in consultation with representatives of the impacted communities.
  3. CBC must commit that, going forward, all CBC news and documentary staff will receive training on Islamophobia and anti-Palestinian racism.
  4. CBC must commit to a 10-year historical audit disclosing data relating to the commissioning and licensing of productions by independent racialized and Indigenous creators. Going forward, CBC must annually publish equity data on representation within CBC programming, the directors and producers whose work is commissioned and acquired, and among its staff and editorial decision-makers. Further, assessments of the data to be collected and shared should be undertaken in consultation with representatives of the impacted communities.
  5. CBC must establish a clear channel for independent creators to report instances of discrimination, including how those who seek to report discrimination will be protected, and what kind of procedures and timelines for resolution they can expect. 

We understand that CBC is a large and multifaceted organization, and that some of these measures may require time to implement. We also understand that accepting these commitments will require courage from CBC leadership in withstanding the inevitable external anti-Palestinian pushback. But we stand ready to support CBC in these efforts, as we ultimately share the same goal: a truly pluralistic, transparent, and anti-discriminatory public broadcaster, of which Canadians can be proud.

We respectfully look forward to an initial public response by June 14, 2024.


The Racial Equity Media Collective & the Documentary Organization of Canada

Co-signed by:

  1. Julian Carrington, Managing Director, Racial Equity Media Collective
  2. Sarah Spring, Executive Director, Documentary Organization of Canada
  3. Polina Teif, Director, Understatement Pictures
  4. Brett Story, Filmmaker
  5. Katie McKenna, Documentary Filmmaker
  6. Svetla Turnin, Executive Director – Cinema Politica, Producer
  7. Marc Serpa Francoeur, Co-Founder, Lost Time Media
  8. Madelaine Russo, Cultural Worker
  9. Aisha Jamal, Filmmaker
  10. Ali Kazimi, Filmmaker
  11. Liz Marshall, Filmmaker
  12. Serene Husni, Filmmaker
  13. Jessica Hallenbeck, Producer, Lantern Films
  14. Sarah Goodman, Filmmaker and Screenwriter
  15. Avi Lewis, Filmmaker
  16. Tamara Mariam Dawit, Producer, Gobez Media
  17. Amar Wala, Filmmaker, Scarborough Pictures
  18. Independent Jewish Voices Canada
  19. Filmmaker; remaining anonymous in an industry that clearly blacklists advocates for speaking out
  20. Jason O’Hara, Filmmaker
  21. Derval Slatcher, Film Worker
  22. Cornelia Principe, Documentary Producer
  23. Finley MacNeil, Producer/Editor, Science and Nonduality
  24. Richard Fung, Video artist/filmmaker, Professor Emeritus, OCAD University
  25. Mariam Zaidi, Filmmaker & Film Programmer
  26. lori lozinski, Filmmaker
  27. Robin McKenna, FIlmmaker, Gaudete Films
  28. Paul Lee, Filmmaker, Film Producer, Arts Curator
  29. Ashley Jane, Documentary Director & Producer
  30. John Greyson, Video/Film artist
  31. Maya Annik Bedward, Filmmaker, Third Culture Media
  32. Min Sook Lee, Filmmaker
  33. Nawal Salim, Actress & Filmmaker
  34. Mark Achbar, President, Invisible Hand Productions Inc.
  35. Lauren Grant, Producer, Clique Pictures
  36. Annie Sakkab, Filmmaker
  37. Aisling Chin-Yee, Writer, Director, Producer
  38. Nicole Mankinen, Writer/Editor/Entrepreneur
  39. Amil Shivji, Director, Kijiweni Productions
  40. Karam Masri, Writer/Filmmaker
  41. Samara Chadwick, Filmmaker & Executive Director of The Flaherty
  42. Kathleen Jayme, filmmaker
  43. Sahar Yousefi, Producer
  44. Nisha Platzer, Filmmaker
  45. Rosie Choo Pidcock, Writer/Director/UBCP Actor
  46. Rami Katz, Filmmaker
  47. Shannon Walsh, Filmmaker
  48. Aliya Shamshudin
  49. Colin Scheyen, Filmmaker
  50. Production Consultant, anonymous to avoid possible reprisals
  51. Omar Majeed, filmmaker
  52. Tyler Hagan, Producer, Experimental Forest Films
  53. Yanick Létourneau, Producer, Peripheria
  54. Jane Hui Wang, Filmmaker
  55. Nafisa Murji, Producer & Arts Worker
  56. Kat Dodds, CEO Cool World, Filmmaker
  57. Sarah Ouazzani, Filmmaker / Director of Programming DOXA Documentary Film Festival
  58. David Ng, filmmaker
  59. Muhannad Ayyash, Professor of Sociology, Mount Royal University
  60. Nika Belianina, Director, Write.Right Films
  61. Maria-Saroja Ponnambalam, Filmmaker
  62. Sergeo Kirby, Producer Loaded Pictures
  63. Javier Lovera, Filmmaker, Airplane Mode Productions
  64. Rodrigue Jean, Filmaker
  65. Özgün Gündüz, Filmmaker
  66. Chris Strikes, Filmmaker
  67. Chase Joynt, Filmmaker
  68. Nicola Waugh, Producer
  69. Samantha Summers, Film Festival Professional
  70. Sarah Bakke, Director of Development + Special Programs at DOXA Documentary Film Festival
  71. Robinder Uppal, Co-Founder, Lost Time Media
  72. Tristin Greyeyes, Filmmaker & Film Festival Programmer
  73. Jason Fox, Editor, World Records
  74. Anam Abbas, Filmmaker
  75. Kimberly Ho, Filmmaker
  76. Anais West, Playwright, Actor and Theatre Producer
  77. Arman Kazemi, Executive Director, MENA Film Festival
  78. Jayce Salloum, Artist/Filmmaker
  79. A Jamali Rad, Writer
  80. Sarah Shamash, Educator and Media Artist
  81. Laura Arboleda, Filmmaker and Festival Programmer
  82. Elisa González, Filmmaker
  83. Alger Ji-Liang, Filmmaker, Curator – Mount Pleasant Community Art Screen (grunt gallery)
  84. Aiman Khan, Event Manager, FEI Canada
  85. Deborah Root, Independent Scholar
  86. Brenda Longfellow, York University
  87. Sara Wylie, Filmmaker
  88. Nataleah Hunter-Young, Film Programmer and Professor
  89. Mathilde Capone, Filmmaker & Independent Producer
  90. Kelly O’Brien, Filmmaker
  91. h. Yael, Video Artist/Filmmaker
  92. National Editor, anonymous to avoid possible reprisals
  93. Monica Cheema, Filmmaker
  94. Sam Stouten, Filmmaker
  95. Mike Doaga, Filmmaker
  96. Lesha Vescio, Filmmaker
  97. Elisa Paloschi, Filmmaker
  98. Helen Lee, Filmmaker
  99. Amar Chebib, Filmmaker
  100. Vivian Belik, Film Arts Worker
  101. Leila Almawy, Documentary Filmmaker, Otherhood Films
  102. Anonymous
  103. Tim McCaskell, Author
  104. Anonymous Assistant Production Coordinator
  105. Jessica Johnson, Filmmaker
  106. Alexis Kyle Mitchell, Filmmaker
  107. Sabrina Sherif, Writer/Producer
  108. Luis Jacob, Artist
  109. Jason Aita, Film Producer
  110. Sophie Jarvis, Filmmaker
  111. Caitlin Dodd, Communications Manager
  112. Ashley Sugimoto, Filmmaker & Festival Coordinator
  113. Program Manager, anonymous for fear of retaliation or loss of employment
  114. Mary Ellen Davis, Filmmaker, Cinema Instructor, Film Event Programmer
  115. Alex Farah, Filmmaker
  116. Frances-Anne Solomon, Film Director, and CEO of CaribbeanTales Media Group
  117. Carl Kouri, Assistant Director, Film Production, Directors Guild of Canada member
  118. Kyo Maclear, Writer
  119. Kathryn Taylor, Arts Worker
  120. Sobhi Zobaidi, Filmmaker, Writer, Restauranteur
  121. Cailleah Scott-Grimes, Filmmaker
  122. Stuart Henderson, Producer
  123. Jesse Cumming
  124. Annum Shah, Writer/Filmmaker
  125. Stuart MacLean, Videographer
  126. Anonymous, Event Organizer
  127. Mark Goodman, York University
  128. Deighan Morrison, Sound Designer & Media Arts Programmer
  129. Ryan Ermacora, Filmmaker
  130. Susana Fernandez, Festival Industry Programmer
  131. Zehra Goawala, Writer
  132. Marlee Wasser, Communications and Content Specialist
  133. Producer/Director, anonymous for fear of retaliation or loss of employment
  134. Susan Ferguson, former journalist (Maclean’s) and Associate Professor Emerita, Wilfrid Laurier University
  135. Emily Diana Ruth, Filmmaker
  136. Emily Graves, Filmmaker
  137. Marushka Jessica Almeida, Writer/Producer
  138. Aeyliya Husain, Filmmaker
  139. Aïcha Diop, Filmmaker, Studio Tokosel
  140. Shahrzad Mojab, University of Toronto
  141. Emily Jung, Labour in the Arts Collective
  142. Rabiya Mansoor, Screenwriter/Actor/Producer
  143. Lesley Johnson, Filmmaker and Programmer
  144. Dorota Lech, Hot Docs Forum
  145. Mariela Shuley, Filmmaker
  146. Maya Bankovic, Cinematographer
  147. Anonymous Filmmaker
  148. Bryan Angarita, Filmmaker
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  153. Tara Sutton, Journalist & Filmmaker
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  156. Scott Miller Berry, Filmmaker & Cultural Worker
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  158. Elida Schogt, Executive Director, Media Arts Network of Ontario
  159. Jung-Sun Song, Educator
  160. Solara Thanh-Binh Dang, Writer & Director
  161. Lauren McNicol, Community Member
  162. Katrina Orlowski
  163. Jada-Gabrielle Pape, Coast Salish Filmmaker
  164. Jei So 서재형, Producer
  165. Isam Kaisi , Business Owner
  166. Film Curator, remaining anonymous to avoid potential conflict with employer
  167. Joy Xiang, Arts Editor, Writer, and Cultural Worker
  168. Filmmaker; anonymous for fear of job loss and/or retaliation when applying to my Canadian Citizenship
  169. Shawn Tse, Media Producer
  170. Ali Elashram, Executive Director, Muslims in Media
  171. Kaylah Zander, Performer, Filmmaker, UBCP/ACTRA
  172. Feroz Mehdi, Filmmaker
  173. Brit Bachmann, Arts Worker & Film Festival Worker
  174. Yung Chang, Filmmaker
  175. Yan Wu, Curator
  176. Kathy Wazana, Documentary Filmmaker, They Were Promised the Sea
  177. Avrïl Jacobson, Filmmaker
  178. Frieda Luk, Filmmaker
  179. Graeme Mathieson, Filmmaker
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  198. Sally Lee, Cultural Worker
  199. Kaveh Nabatian, Filmmaker
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  201. Javiera Quintana, Producer
  202. Jonathan Middleton, Artist, Curator, and Publisher
  203. Bryce Zimmerman, Filmmaker
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  205. Vannina Sztainbok, Educator and Researcher
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  207. Stuart Cryer, Documentary Videographer/Producer
  208. Lisbeth Berbary
  209. Sophy Romvari, Filmmaker
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  211. Sylvat Aziz, Associate Professor, Queen’s University
  212. Rinaldo Walcott, Professor and writer
  213. Errol Young
  214. Alicia K. Harris, Filmmaker
  215. William K. Carroll, Professor of Sociology and media analyst, University of Victoria
  216. Gary Kinsman
  217. Michael Ostroff, Documentary Filmmaker
  218. Peter Gose, Professsor Emeritus, Carleton University
  219. Martin Duckworth, Filmmaker (retired)
  220. Joseph Hill, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Alberta
  221. Mike Burke, Associate Professor Emeritus, Toronto Metropolitan University
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  224. Caroline Durand, professor, Trent University
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  227. Annie Wong, Artist
  228. Michelle Hartman, Professor, McGill University
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  235. sue goldstein, Artist
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  237. Tammy Yiu, Arts Worker & Co-Founder, Partial
  238. Rachel Gorman, Associate Professor, York University
  239. Cathy Gulkin, Documentary Film Editor
  240. Safiya Randera – Artist/ Filmmaker
  241. Concetta Principe
  242. Stephanie Aitken, Artist and Art Educator
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  244. Peter Chidiac, Professor, University of Western Ontario
  245. Jill Glessing, Art Writer, Prof. Visual Arts, Media and and Culture
  246. Yakov Rabkin, Professor Emeritus of History, University of Montreal
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  254. Yousef Adris, Filmmaker
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  264. Katy Kalemkerian, faculty, John Abbott College
  265. Farhad Ghaderi, Cinematographer
  266. Zarrar Kahn, Writer & Director
  267. Dina Attalla, Filmmaker
  268. Prabha Khosla, Urban Feminist Researcher
  269. Mitra Fakhrashrafi, Curator
  270. Mohammad Keyhani, Associate Professor, University of Calgary
  271. Elizabeth Milton, Educator, Media Artist
  272. Anjalica Solomon, Poet
  273. JD Derbyshire, Writer & maker
  274. Khanh Tudo, Filmmaker
  275. Nancy Lee, Media artist & curator
  276. Meysam Motazedi
  277. Soledad Vega, Producer
  278. Peter Fitting, Professor Emeritus, Cinema Studies, University of Toronto
  279. Sofia Bohdanowicz, Filmmaker
  280. Vincent Romani, Professor, Department of Political Science, UQAM
  281. Nael Bhanji, Assistant Professor, Trent University
  282. Madalena Santos, Instructor, Carleton University
  283. Rolla Tahir, Filmmaker
  284. Sharlene Bamboat, Filmmaker
  285. Genne Speers Arts and Culture Worker, Academic
  286. Joseph Banh, Design Strategist
  287. Lu Asfaha, Filmmaker
  288. Satrio Prahasto, Filmmaker
  289. Ibrahim Abusitta, Visual artist
  290. Sana A. Malik, Filmmaker
  291. Alize Zorlutuna, Artist
  292. Umut Uzunel, ND, MD (Turkiye), Registered Naturopath
  293. Soko Negash, Producer
  294. Caroline Habib, Development Producer
  295. Kurtis Chen, Filmmaker
  296. Maegan Broadhurst, Arts Administrator, Communications Manager
  297. Steph Wong Ken, Filmmaker & Writer
  298. Derek Hrynyshyn, Communication and Media Studies, York University
  299. Jayne Wilkinson, Editor/Writer
  300. Issa Shah, Cinematographer, Freelance
  301. Franklin López, Filmmaker
  302. Zachary Goldkind, Filmmaker
  303. Anonymous Cultural Programmer and Professor
  304. Margot Francis, Associate Professor, Brock University
  305. Julie Guard, Professor, University of Manitoba
  306. Hannah Donegan, Producer
  307. Laura Paolini, Artist
  308. Sheila Batacharya, University of Toronto Mississauga
  309. Esmé Hogeveen, Writer/Editor
  310. Elizabeth Mudenyo, Writer and Arts Administrator
  311. Cason Sharpe, Writer and artist
  312. Alisha Kapoor, Designer
  313. Marc Sullivan, Creative Director
  314. Eli Curi, Software Engineer
  315. Nayrouz Abu Hatoum, Assistant Professor, Concordia University
  316. Anonymous, CBC employee with fears of retaliation
  317. Rémy Huberdeau, Filmmaker
  318. Maissa Houri, Filmmaker
  319. Garry Potter, Professor Wilfrid Laurier University
  320. Daniel Froidevaux, Filmmaker
  321. Amy Bagshaw, Artist, Educator
  322. Dania Majid, Arab Canadian Lawyers Association; Programmer for Toronto Palestine Film Festival
  323. Tania Natscheff
  324. Sahar Golshan, Writer
  325. Teyama Alkamli, Director, Limbic Films
  326. Samantha King, Professor, Queen’s University
  327. Colleen O’Manique, Professor, Trent University
  328. Muhammad Ali Khalidi, Presidential Professor of Philosophy, Graduate Center, City University of New York
  329. Chris Gehman, Filmmaker
  330. Dorothy Hénaut, Artist and retired filmmaker
  331. Charlotte Bell, Artist
  332. Margaret Little, Professor, Queen’s University
  333. Anupa Mistry, Writer and producer
  334. Alan Shandro, Emeritus Professor, Laurentian University
  335. Jack Dodson, freelance documentary producer and journalist
  336. Hanlon Uafás-Álainn, Playwright, Producer, Director, Actor, and Owner at Hanlon’s Point Productions
  337. Luke Mistruzzi, Filmmaker
  338. Kimberley Wong, Cultural Worker
  339. Stefan Verna co-founder Black on Black Films
  340. Duraid Munajim Filmmaker
  341. Filmmaker, remaining anonymous for concern of putting a visa application at risk
  342. Trish Salah, Writer and Associate Professor of Gender Studies, Queen’s University
  343. Leila Marshy, Writer
  344. Fatima Dhaduk, Filmmaker
  345. Diana Cordoba, Assistant Professor, Queen’s University
  346. Yahya El-Lahib, Associate Professor, University of Calgary
  347. Maimuna S. Khan, PhD Student (McMaster University), Sessional Instructor (University of Calgary)
  348. Dide Su Bilgin, Commercial Producer
  349. Barbora Racevičiūtė, Cultural Worker
  350. Cathy van Ingen, Professor, Brock University
  351. Lisa Jackson, Filmmaker
  352. Rebecca Hall, Associate Professor, Queen’s University
  353. Gillian Muller, Screenwriter
  354. Deragh Campbell, Actor
  355. Ruth San Martín, Professor
  356. Blake Williams, Filmmaker, BlueMagenta Films
  357. Sunny Daydream Chen, Artist
  358. Samuel Caron, Producer
  359. Danielle Dinovelli-Lang, Associate Professor, Carleton University
  360. Sami Khan, Filmmaker
  361. Christine Vu, Cultural Worker
  362. Ian Reynolds, Filmmaker
  363. Karen Harnisch, Producer
  364. Sarah Sharkey Pearce, Filmmaker
  365. Jehad Aliweiwi, CEO, Laidlaw Foundation
  366. Anonymous, Podcast host/Writer
  367. Eirinn McHattie, Projectionist/Technician
  368. Angelica Bennett, Producer
  369. Jack Silberman, Filmmaker
  370. Yasmine Mathurin, Filmmaker
  371. Researcher, remaining anonymous to avoid false accusations from my employer
  372. Fan Wu, Film Critic & Poet
  373. Iris Ng, Cinematographer
  374. Natalie Rivet, Visual Artist
  375. Lauren Clarke
  376. Kazik Radwanski, Filmmaker
  377. Anonymous Producer
  378. Alicia Fletcher, Producer and Film Curator
  379. Teacher, anonymous to protect myself from potential reprisals at work
  380. Brendan Ross, Film programmer
  381. Calvin Thomas, Filmmaker
  382. Emma Healey, Writer
  383. Eric Quebral
  384. Lina Rodriguez, Filmmaker
  385. Brad Deane, Filmmaker
  386. Su Rynard, Filmmaker
  387. Andréa Cohen-B, Filmmaker
  388. Candice Napoleone, Producer
  389. Salem Maskell, Arts Administrator
  390. Victoria Partosa, Community Organizer, Magkaisa Centre
  391. Anna Kuelken, Filmmaker
  392. Dan Montgomery, Producer
  393. Feyrouz AbdulRahman, Filmmaker
  394. Kerriann Cardinal, filmmaker
  395. Michal Heuston, Filmmaker
  396. Lorena Elke, Researcher for Documentary films
  397. Rebecca Grenier, Screenwriter
  398. Kat Cizek, Documentarian, Research Scientist
  399. Neil Balan, Contract Faculty Member, SMU/MSVU/WLU
  400. Anonymous filmmaker, based in British Columbia
  401. Anna Wiesen, Creative Director
  402. Roohi Qureshi
  403. Christian Dugas-Ruest
  404. Rachel Fender, Programmer
  405. Deanna Wong, Cultural Worker
  406. Anushay Sheikh, Documentary Filmmaker
  407. Brandon Lim, Film Programmer
  408. Lucas Cabaj-Guerra, Filmmaker
  409. John Seongho Choi, Filmmaker
  410. Ziyad Saadi, Writer & Filmmaker
  411. Sadie Epstein-Fine, writer
  412. Roilui Sin, Teacher and Student
  413. Aaditya Aggarwal, Film Curator
  414. Ali Badshah, Actor, Writer, Producer
  415. Nida Marji, Producer
  416. Janice Paquette, Sociologist (retired)
  417. Anonymous, Cultural Worker with fears of retaliation from employer
  418. Damien Eagle Bear, Filmmaker
  419. Giulia Frati, Filmmaker
  420. Kaisa Pitsi, Filmmaker
  421. Saba Ahmed, on behalf of BradfordWG4Palestine
  422. Federal employee, signing anonymously for fear of reprisal
  423. Sean Stiller, Filmmaker
  424. Jun Zhang, Producer
  425. Christopher Yip, Director
  426. Jenny Lee, Writer/Filmmaker
  427. Tony Tran, Filmmaker
  428. Baljit Sangra
  429. Gordon Katic, Podcast producer, director of Cited Media
  430. Anonymous Filmmaker
  431. Dan Smith, Arts Administration
  432. Chris Beaver, Video journalist, TVO
  433. Nicholas Hauck, Scholar and writer
  434. Jo Jin, Stylist
  435. Jesse Freeston, Filmmaker
  436. Yuqi Kang, Filmmaker
  437. Marina Serrão, Producer/therapist
  438. Michael Toledano, Filmmaker
  439. D Chan, Producer and Program Manager
  440. Reem Morsi, Filmmaker
  441. Clare Clovechok, Arts Worker
  442. Louise Sider
  443. Sarah Rich-Zendel, Researcher
  444. Mai Dalquen
  445. Claire Sanford, Filmmaker
  446. Kevin Caners, Producer
  447. Jin Su Joo, Behavioral Scientist and Writer
  448. Kenya-Jade Pinto, Filmmaker
  449. Nisha Pahuja Filmmaker
  450. Hallie Wells, Writer and Editor
  451. Milena Salazar, Filmmaker
  452. KJ Reed, Librarian
  453. Shasha Nakhai, Filmmaker
  454. Daniel Tahmizian, Cinematographer
  455. Tim Wood, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies
  456. Lucas Lehmann
  457. Harmony Trowbridge, Documentarian, TMU
  458. Joële Walinga, Filmmaker
  459. Dana Asbury, Scholar
  460. Mike Hoolboom, Filmmaker
  461. Judy Rebick, Writer, former host of CBC News show
  462. Marie-Michèle Cyr, Producer, Parabola Films
  463. Antoine Bourges, Filmmaker
  464. Claire Lapointe, former documentary film producer
  465. Bonnie Bartlett, Environmental Worker
  466. Judy Ruzylo, Filmmaker & Artist
  467. Karina Garcia Casanova, Filmmaker
  468. Karen Murray, Associate Professor, York University
  469. Yiqian Zhang, Filmmaker
  470. Joel Elliott, Filmmaker and Researcher
  471. Anson Ng, Artist and Facilitator
  472. Jack Weisman, Filmmaker
  473. Helene Klodawsky, Filmmaker
  474. Taravat Khalili, Filmmaker
  475. Yipeng Ge, Primary Care Doctor and Public Health Professional
  476. Olivier Alary, Composer
  477. Matthew Fava, Arts worker; former community broadcaster
  478. Danis Goulet, Filmmaker
  479. Ben Deboer, Co-director, Hearth Gallery
  480. Tony Elliott, Filmmaker and Screenwriter
  481. Nadia Shihab, Filmmaker
  482. Arham Khan, Accountant
  483. Ole Gjerstad, Filmmaker
  484. Ellen Gabriel / Katsi’tsakwas, Indigenous Human Rights advocate / documentarian / artist
  485. Caitie Drewery, Documentary Producer
  486. Sonya William, Film Worker
  487. Emily Trace, Film Worker
  488. Jade Blair, Producer & Filmmaker, One Ten Productions
  489. Danièle Lacourse, Filmmaker
  490. Joella Cabalu, Filmmaker
  491. Nabil Traboulsi, Actor/Writer
  492. Anna-Kaisa Walker, Freelance writer
  493. Zane Banyan, Performer & Community Builder
  494. Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Filmmaker
  495. Tasha Hubbard, Filmmaker
  496. Dipti Gupta
  497. Rahul Varma, Artistic Director, Playwright
  498. Chrisann Hessing, Filmmaker
  499. Marianna Boshmaf, Tech Analyst
  500. Anna Sarkissian, Filmmaker & Anthropologist
  501. Muhammad Nour Elkhairy, Filmmaker
  502. Donya Ziaee, Former CBC Radio producer
  503. Daniel Cross, Filmmaker, Professor
  504. Sadia Ali, Film Worker
  505. Alice Glass
  506. Anonymous Screenwriter
  507. Sarah Genge, Filmmaker
  508. Hannia Cheng, Artist and Cultural Worker
  509. Aljumaine Gayle, Producer
  510. Vee Di Gregorio, Eye Steel Film
  511. Ghassan Fayad, Producer, Kngfu
  512. Steve J. Adams, Filmmaker
  513. Vicki Lean, Filmmaker
  514. Kavone Manning, Arts Worker
  515. Baker, Student
  516. Don Kerr, Film Composer
  517. raven Lam, Arts Worker
  518. Fuad Ahmed
  519. Anonymous CBC Freelancer
  520. Kevin Settee, Owner, Home Street Productions Inc.
  521. Elizabeth Miller, Filmmaker
  522. Katherine Bruce, Cultural Worker
  523. Josie MacLachlan, Arts & Culture Worker
  524. Zoe Hopkins, Writer/Director
  525. Anna Kraulis, Independent Dance Artist
  526. John Donoghue, Artist
  527. Anonymous, Cultural Worker
  528. Sara Naimpour, Media Producer
  529. Jennifer Moore, Musician, Composer
  530. Dolores Chew, Professor
  531. Chris Flanagan, Filmmaker
  532. Carlie Macfie, Documentary Worker/Editor
  533. Anonymous, Film Festival Worker, to avoid potential conflict with employer
  534. Terra Long, Filmmaker
  535. Isabel Gomez-Moriana
  536. Kaveh Mohebbi, Filmmaker
  537. Anonomous for fear of reprisal, public servant at City of Toronto
  538. Emily Schooley, Actor and Filmmaker
  539. Lisa Valencia-Svensson, Lead Mentor, Documentary Organization of Canada
  540. Shoshana Sperling – Actor/Writer/Community builder, Jewitch
  541. Chelsea McMullan Filmmaker
  542. Anna Cooley, Filmmaker
  543. Hannah Turcotte, 2SLGBTQIA+ and Consent Educator
  544. Alejandro Valbuena, Filmmaker
  545. Anonymous, CBC independent contractor
  546. Lia Tarachansky, Israeli-Canadian Filmmaker & Journalist
  547. Jen O’Sullivan, Educator and Arts Worker
  548. Will Petker
  549. Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, Filmmaker
  550. Hans Olson, Editor/Filmmaker
  551. Anonymous Screenwriter, in fear of losing contract with CBC
  552. Rebecca Garrett, Artist /Filmmaker
  553. Lorraine Price, Writer/Director
  554. Clare Samuel, Artist
  555. Heather Mercer, Operations Manager
  556. Hejer Charf, Filmmaker
  557. Haaris Qadri, Filmmaker
  558. Jocelyne Chaput, Documentary editor
  559. Bryn Hughes, Documentary Producer
  560. Zach Jama, Filmmaker
  561. Kevin Yuen Kit Lo, Assistant Professor, Department of Design and Computation Arts, Concordia University
  562. Angelica Mendizabal, Screenwriter
  563. Ali Weinstein, Filmmaker
  564. Nonprofit leader, signing anonymously for fear of reprisal
  565. Larry Weinstein, Filmmaker and brother of Judih Weinstein, murdered by Hamas terrorists Oct 7th
  566. Mike Cheatley
  567. Cristian Gomes, Filmmaker
  568. Giulia Mandel, Cultural Worker
  569. Dan Hapton, Assistant Professor
  570. Jen Agg, Writer/restaurateur
  571. Amy Miller, Director/Producer
  572. Dalia AlKury, Filmmaker
  573. Mitchell LeBlanc, Writer/Director
  574. MB, anonymized due to fear of reprisal.
  575. Kathryn Mockler, Writer
  576. Kim Obomsawin, Filmmaker
  577. Nicholas Castel, Co-Founder, Coexistence Films
  578. Tingting Brenda Xiong, Independent filmmaker
  579. Anonymous, while actively employed by CBC
  580. Margarita Valderrama, Writer / Actor / Producer
  581. Ray Harper, Producer-Director Owner NetworkONE Produtions
  582. Jeremy Boxen, Filmmaker and Screenwriter
  583. Gregory Joiner, Production Sound Mixer
  584. Safiyyah Ally, Executive Director, Muslim Media Hub
  585. Anonymous, Regional Director – Wealth Management
  586. Mike Munn, Film Editor
  587. Rua Wani, Filmmaker
  588. Claudia Sicondolfo, Assistant Professor, Arts, Culture, Media, University of Toronto
  589. Taghreed Saadeh Filmmaker & Journalist
  590. Cole Nowicki, Author
  591. Carole Larsen, Documentary Editor
  592. Martyna Czaplak, Filmmaker
  593. Rob Viscardis, Filmmaker
  594. Rebecca Lessard, Film Editor
  595. Gabrielle Zilkha, Filmmaker
  596. Marion Jouanneau, independent producer
  597. Rebecca Lessard, Film Editor
  598. Millefiore Clarkes, Filmmaker
  599. Katherine Green, Filmmaker
  600. Jack Silberman, Filmmaker
  601. Gary Burns Filmmaker
  602. Michael V. Smith, Author/filmmaker
  603. Saleem Khan, Journalist
  604. Christina Carvalho, Producer
  605. Mark Locki, Filmmaker
  606. Anonymous, Documentary Producer, in fear of losing opportunities
  607. Sean O’Neill, Founder, Visitor Media
  608. Sarah Samuel, Journalist
  609. Ahsen Qureshi, Film/TV Production
  610. Sylvia Nowak
  611. Shirin Gerami, PhD student, University of Toronto
  612. Sound Engineer, anonimized because it is a hostile environment
  613. Martin Duckworth, retired film-maker
  614. Andreas Mendritzki, Producer
  615. Amen Jafri, Filmmaker
  616. Matt Brown, Screenwriter
  617. Charlotte Selb, Translator and former curator
  618. Lauren Coughlan, Arts Worker
  619. Samuel La France, Cultural Worker
  620. Imogen Grace, Screenwriter
  621. Nobu Adilman
  622. Aonan Yang, Producer
  623. Nikita Raman, Marketing & Communications
  624. Mona Awwad, Freelance Journalis
  625. Anonymous Filmmaker; trust requires genuine changes, not just strategies, before one can feel safe to open upaeideh Akhkan, Filmmaker
  626. Safia Abdigir, Film Worker
  627. Kieran Grant, Editor/arts worker
  628. Rime El Jadidi, Filmmaker
  629. Federal employee, signing anonymously for fear of reprisal
  630. Krystal Kavita Jagoo, Artist
  631. Karin Lee, Filmmaker and Media artist
  632. Rachelle Younie, Filmmaker
  633. Liane Cunje, Producer and Film Programmer
  634. Tazeen Ahmed, Documentary Organization of Canada
  635. Carla Rojas, Digital Strategist, Art + Film
  636. Fatima Ahmad, Educator
  637. Jack Silberman, Documentary Filmmaker
  638. Kaija Siirala, Freelance Editor and Sound Designer
  639. Conor McNally, Filmmaker
  640. Salwa Maarouf
  641. José Teodoro, Writer and Director
  642. Prue Baker, Cultural Worker
  643. Dr. Sabreena Ghaffar-Siddiqui
  644. Production Executive within Canadian broadcasting system, signing anonymously in fear of reprisal
  645. Teo Weyman, Cinematographer
  646. Lora Campbell Waterford Valley Pictures
  647. Jen Evans, activist, mutual aid organizer and poet
  648. Shaistha, Writer & journalist
  649. Delaney Hicock, Costumer in film/tv
  650. Professor Izzeldin Abuelaish, Clinical Public Health and Global Health, University of Toronto
  651. Anonymous, Federal Government Advisor
  652. Izzeldin Abuelaish, Professor clinical and Global health
  653. Oumar Salifou
  654. Linda Desormeaux, Filmmaker
  655. Aaron Zeghers, Filmmaker & Educator
  656. Claudia Polledri, Researcher
  657. Mari Fujita, Associate Professor, UBC
  658. élise simard, Animation Filmmaker
  659. Nadia M. Oliva, Cultural Worker
  660. Fatima Zaidi, Founder & CEO
  661. Bob Pflug, Human rights advocate
  662. Matthew Rankin, Filmmaker
  663. Nazia Khan, Communications professional
  664. Émilie Martel, Filmmaker
  665. TMU Alumni for Justice in Palestine
  666. Jamie Miller, Filmmaker
  667. Corinne Dunphy
  668. Ty Giffin, Filmmaker
  669. Rachel Chen, Writer
  670. Ben Cox, Filmmaker
  671. Caitlin Durlak, Filmmaker
  672. J Eagleson, Human
  673. Karen Morrison, Executive Producer & Director
  674. Sean Devlin, Writer, Director, Producer
  675. LC Murray, Documentary Filmmaker
  676. Kate Fraser, Producer, Third Culture Media
  677. Brian McKeown, Writer, Filmmaker, Producer
  678. Kalle Lasn, Magazine Editor, Adbusters Media Foundation
  679. Paul van den Boom, Cinematographer/Director
  680. Lauren Pirie, Artist
  681. Marie-Hélène Westgate, Freelance writer
  682. Alison Murray
  683. Federal employee, signing anonymously for fear of reprisal
  684. Celeste Koon, Writer/Director
  685. Alayna LaFleur, Filmmaker
  686. Sam Sutherland, Producer
  687. Anonymous, Sociologist
  688. Nico Mara-McKay, Historian and writer
  689. Arts Administrator, anonymous for fear of reprisal
  690. Jeff Wright, Film Worker
  691. Tiffany Hsiung, Filmmaker
  692. Halima Ouardiri, Filmmaker
  693. Aziz Zoromba, Writer/Director
  694. Jenna Dufton, Festival Programmer
  695. Gowlene Selvavijayan
  696. Joanna Zilsel, community member
  697. Stephanie de Bem, Production Manager
  698. Amanda Brason, Film worker
  699. Marcus Tuttle, Arts Marketer
  700. Anonymous, Journalist
  701. Jesús Maza Piñero, Venezuelan Artist
  702. Jenn Brown, Artist & Cultural Worker
  703. Roger Lagasssé, BA, BEd, MEd. Sunshine Coast Peace Group
  704. HR Professional, signing anonymously to prevent reprisal working at an international HR/Payroll corporation
  705. sebnem ozpeta, filmmaker
  706. Stephanie de Bem, Production Manager
  707. Anita Couvrette
  708. Children’s book illustrator, signing anonymously for fear of career repercussions
  709. Kat Harris, Photographer, Community Organizer 

    -List is as of 1:45pm, June 8.

Pat Mullen is the publisher of POV Magazine. He holds a Master’s in Film Studies from Carleton University where his research focused on adaptation and Canadian cinema. Pat has also contributed to outlets including The Canadian Encyclopedia, Paste, That Shelf, Sharp, Xtra, and Complex. He is the vice president of the Toronto Film Critics Association and an international voter for the Golden Globe Awards.

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