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Get to know Madeleine a short doc by Raquel Sancinetti

Understanding the witty personality of Madeleine

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Raquel Sancinetti sits down with POV to discuss her short documentary Madeleine. Shot and edited across five years, Sancinetti captures the strong bond between herself and 107 year old Madeleine. This sweet and light-hearted short blends their everyday conversations with playful stop motion animation. As the filmmaker visits her friend in her retirement home, they share stories and venture to the beach with the help of animation that allows Madeleine to step outside her home.

In this conversation, Sancinetti shares her love for Madeleine and the challenging yet fun process of recording footage and building small sets and puppets. Plus, get a glimpse of the behind the scenes with fun stills, taken by Sancinetti and the team. Madeleine premiered at the REGARD – Saguenay Short Film Festival and recently received a Canadian Screen Award nomination for best short doc.

Interested in watching the interview? Take a look below! Watch Madeleine for free via the New York Times Op-Docs.

Alejandra De La Huerta is currently completing her studies at York University as a Media Arts student. She is with POV Magazine as a field placement student to learn more about documentaries, directors and the film industry. Alejandra has a strong passion for sharing stories on environmental issues and social justice and plans to make her own documentaries in the future. She enjoys photography and using 360 video to capture narratives through a new lens.

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