Still from The Fabulous Gold Harvesting Machine

The Creation of The Fabulous Gold Harvesting Machine

Film world premieres at Hot Docs April 28th

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Alfredo Pourailly sits down with POV to discuss his upcoming feature documentary, The Fabulous Gold Harvesting Machine.

Toto, a 60 year old man, is one of the last gold diggers in Chile. However, as health issues arise and the need to continue to make money to support himself, Toto struggles to keep up. However, Toto’s son Jorge, comes up with a marvellous idea to make a gold harvesting machine to help his father. Throughout the seven years of ups and downs, between the father son relationship, and the depleting health of Toto, Pourailly captures the long process of the making of the machine.In this interview, Pourailly discusses his relationship with Toto and Jorge, and bringing the father-son story to the screen.

See what happens with this machine and Toto’s story at the world premiere set to screen at Hot Docs on Sunday, April 28th at 4:00pm.

Alejandra De La Huerta is currently completing her studies at York University as a Media Arts student. She is with POV Magazine as a field placement student to learn more about documentaries, directors and the film industry. Alejandra has a strong passion for sharing stories on environmental issues and social justice and plans to make her own documentaries in the future. She enjoys photography and using 360 video to capture narratives through a new lens.

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