Hot Docs Announces 2022 Deal Maker Projects

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Hot Docs announced today that 35 projects will compete in the annual Deal Maker. The industry pitch sessions will again be held virtually. Hot Docs notes that, of the 35 selected projects, 25 directors are BIPOC, and 23 projects are directed or co-directed by women. Eight projects are directed by first-time filmmakers. Additional demographic details were not available. Story details are not available as these are works in progress. At least five projects credit a Canadian production team.

“We are as inspired as ever by all our selected projects, a generation of both emerging and established filmmakers who have faced immense barriers to getting their films financed and made in the pandemic,” said Deal Maker programmer Madelaine Russo in a statement from Hot Docs. “We are thrilled that this program will continue to allow all of our international projects, many of whom would have otherwise faced travel and visa barriers, equal opportunity to pitch to Decision Makers from around the world.”

Projects that will participate in the 2022 Hot Docs Deal Maker are:

The 3,000 Project
Director: Keith McQuirter
Producer: Keith McQuirter
Executive Producers: Leslie Fields-Cruz, Sally Jo Fifer
Production Companies: Decoder Media, LLC (USA), Independent Television Service Inc. (USA)

Adrianne in the Castle
Director: Shannon Walsh
Producer: Ina Fichman
Production Company: Intuitive Pictures Inc. (Canada)

Baghdad on Fire
Director: Karrar Al-Azzawi
Producers: Jørgen Lorentzen, Nefise Lorentzen
Production Company: Integral film AS (Norway)

Baima Boy
Directors: Bingjun Ye, “Summer” Xinlei Yang
Producers: “Summer” Xinlei Yang, “Melody” Yue Sui, Bryan Glick (Consulting Producer)
Production Companies: Summery Productions (USA), Changsha Cinetopia (Xin Shi Tuo), Media LLC (China)

Breaking the News
Director: Jet Leyco
Producers: Baby Ruth Villarama, Chuck Gutierrez
Production Company: Voyage Film Studios Inc. (Philippines)

Bring Them Home
Directors: Ivan MacDonald, Daniel Glick
Producers: Daniel Glick, Ivan MacDonald, Sarah Clarke
Executive Producers: Lily Gladstone, Melissa Grumhaus
Production Company: Thunder Heart Pictures Inc. (Blackfoot Confederacy)

The Children of Noah
Directors: Rachel Feldman, Lia Tarachansky
Producers: Marc Serpa Francoeur, Robinder Uppal (Consulting Producer)
Production Company: Lost Time Media (Canada), Naretiv Productions (Canada)

Confidential Policing Documentary
Directors: Charles Burnett, Nicole Lucas Haimes
Producers: Nicole Lucas Haimes
Executive Producer: Lori Cheatle
Production Companies: Haimes Film Inc. (USA), Hard Working Movies Inc. (USA)

Drunkmen’s Marseillaise
Director: Pablo Gil Rituerto
Producers: Bernat Manzano, Enrica Capra, Frédéric Féraud, Alba Lombardía
Production Companies: Boogaloo Films S.L. (Spain), Graffiti Doc SRL (Italy), Les Films de l’Oeil Sauvage SRL (France)

Eat Bitter
Directors: Pascale Appora-Gnekindy, Ningyi Sun
Producer: Mathieu Faure
Executive Producer: Steve Dorst
Production Companies: Kea-Kwis Production (Central African Republic), Oaz Picture Entertainment (Central African Republic), Rad Angel Productions (USA)

The End of All
Director: Sun Hee Engelstoft
Producers: Rikke Tambo Andersen, Serge Gordey
Executive Producer: Peter Hyldahl
Production Companies: Tambo Film ApS (Denmark), Temps Noir (France), Beofilm ApS (Denmark)

Finding the Money
Director: Maren Poitras
Producers: Maren Poitras, Marc Smolowitz & Ines Hofmann Kanna (Consulting Producers)
Production Company: Hand Hewn Productions LLC (USA)

The First Plantation
Director: Jason Fitzroy Jeffers
Producers: Darcy McKinnon, Romola Lucas
Production Company: Gusto Moving Pictures LLC (USA)

Flophouse America
Director: Monica Strømdahl
Producers: Beathe Hofseth, Eline van Wees
Production Companies: Fri Film AS (Norway), Basalt Film (The Netherlands)

The Great Experiment [Working Title]
Directors: Stephen Maing, Eric Metzgar
Producers: Stephen Maing, Eric Metzgar, Farihah Zaman
Production Company: Chorus of the Union Films Inc. (USA)

Director: Sierra Urich
Producer: Keith Wilson
Production Company: Joonam Films (USA)

The Journalist and the Jailor
Director: Adithya Sambamurthy
Producers: Alex Tondowski, Ira Tondowski
Production Companies: Tondowski Films GbR (Germany)

Looking For Satyrus
Director: Rena Effendi
Producers: Lana Slezic, Matt Fletcher
Executive Producer: Frank Giustra
Production Companies: Idle Hunch Ltd. (Canada), Jump Films Limited (UK)

The Missing Planet الكوكب المفقود
Directors: Marouan Omara, Tom Rosenberg
Producers: Mark Lotfy, Michael Henrichs
Production Companies: Die Gesellschaft DGS (Germany), Figleaf Studios (Egypt)

New Wave
Director: Elizabeth Ai
Producers: Elizabeth Ai, Tracy Chitupatham, Anh Phan, Diane Quon (Consulting Producer)
Executive Producer: Geeta Gandbhir
Production Company: New Wave Productions LLC (USA)

The Painting
Director: Laura Friedmann
Producers: Kyle Schmalenberg, Laura Friedmann
Executive Producer: Andrew Nicholas McCann Smith
Production Companies: Wrapped Productions Inc. (Canada), Play Media Management Inc. (Canada)

The Phantom Pain of Rojava
Director: Maryam Ebrahimi
Producer: Stina Gardell
Production Company: Mantaray Film AB (Sweden)

Director: Naveen Chaubal
Producers: Bryn Silverman, Darcy McKinnon (Consulting Producer)
Executive Producer: Faisal Azam
Production Company: Pinball LLC (USA)

Project Huizhou: Business vs Blood [Working Title]
Director: Crystal Liu, Yu Kung
Producer: Crystal Liu, Yu Kung
Production Company: Campfire Creative Productions (Hong Kong SAR)

Running with the Prime Minister
Director: Lexi Leban
Producers: S. Leo Chiang, Violet Feng, Betsy Tsai
Production Companies: Walking Iris Media (USA), Fish+Bear Pictures, LLC (USA)

The Sea, the Island and the People
Director: Chivas DeVinck
Producers: Chivas DeVinck, Eric Nyari, Charlotte Uzu
Production Companies: Dialogue Talk Inc. (USA), Cineric Creative LLC (Japan), Les Films d’Ici (France)

She Stops Herself to Look (Ella Se Detiene a Mirar)
Director: Álvaro Torres Crespo
Producer: Natalia Quesada Amador
Executive Producer: Álvaro Torres Crespo
Production Company: Dos Ruedas Producciones S.R.L (Costa Rica)

Sisters Act
Directors: Dea Gjinovci, Antoine Goldet
Producers: Chachi Hauser, Dea Gjinovci, Antoine Goldet
Production Company: Amok Films SAS (France)

The Source of Life (Te Puna Ora)
Director: Virginie Tetoofa
Producers: Riham Ezzaldeen, Virginie Tetoofa, Kiran Jandu
Executive Producer: Ciara Lacy
Production Companies: What Took You So Long? Inc (USA), Ahi Company (French Polynesia), Studio Lyra LLC (USA)

Southmont Drive
Director: Ashley O’Shay
Producer: Resita Cox
Production Company: AO Productions LLC. (USA)

To Use a Mountain
Director: Casey Carter
Producer: Colleen Cassingham
Production Company: To Use A Mountain, LLC (USA)

Up In the Air
Director: Oksana Syhareva
Producers: Oksana Syhareva, Nataliia Pogudina, Karla Stojakova
Executive Producer: Pavlina Muzikarova
Production Companies: Oksana Syhareva / Film Kolektiv (Ukraine, Czech Republic)

When the Rapping Stops
Director: Alison Millar, Alexander Jay
Producers: Jackie Doyle, Chloe Lambourne, Sam Howard (Associate Producer)
Executive Producer: Edward Watts
Production Company: Erica Starling Productions Ltd (UK)

When They Were Here
Directors: Ivan MacDonald, Ivy MacDonald
Producers: Ivan MacDonald, Jessica Jane Hart, Mridu Chandra
Production Company: When They Were Here LLC (Blackfoot Confederacy)

Words Left Unspoken
Director: Josiane Blanc
Producers: Josiane Blanc, Rayne Zukerman
Production Companies: 2738537 Ontario Inc. (Canada), Canada and IGP Productions Ltd. (Canada)


[Credit lists reflect those supplied by Hot Docs.]

Pat Mullen is the publisher of POV Magazine. He holds a Master’s in Film Studies from Carleton University where his research focused on adaptation and Canadian cinema. Pat has also contributed to outlets including The Canadian Encyclopedia, Paste, That Shelf, Sharp, Xtra, and Complex. He is the vice president of the Toronto Film Critics Association and an international voter for the Golden Globe Awards.

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