22 Documentaries to Receive Funding from Telefilm Canada

Docs projects total $3.8 million in support

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Twenty-two documentaries have been announced to receive funding from Telefilm Canada through the Theatrical Documentary Program. Telefilm announced the titles today, which account for a total investment of $3.8 million. The list includes a mix of emerging talents and doc veterans. The list reflects productions from Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia.

Among the talents receiving funding is director Yuqi Kang for 7 Beats Per Minute. Kang previously won Best Canadian Feature at Hot Docs 2018 and a Grand Jury Prize at DOC NYC for her first feature A Little Wisdom. Kang is joined on the list by fellow Hot Docs Best Canadian Feature winner Jean-François Lesage, who scooped the 2020 award for Prayer for a Lost Mitten. Lesage will receive funding for his documentary La nuit noire m’a donné des yeux noirs. The list also includes Ann Shin, who opened Hot Docs 2021 with A.rtificial I.mmortality and will receive funding for Smoke & Gifts / It’s All Gonna Break, directed with Stephen Chung, while Mila Aung-Thwin’s Ultra is tapped for the list following his work as producer on the Sundance winner Midwives this year. Chelsea McMullan’s ballet doc Swan Song, meanwhile, gets a funding boost just as they ready to premiere their next work, Ever Deadly, at TIFF with co-director Tanya Tagaq.


The full list of films receiving funding from Telefilm Canada is as follows:


7 Beats Per Minute
Director and screenwriter: Yuqi Kang
Production: Intuitive Pictures Productions Inc. and NFB
Distributor: NFB
Province: Quebec
Language: English and Mandarin


500 Days in the Wild
Director and screenwriter: Dianne Whelan
Production: Rebel Sister Productions Ltd
Distributor: Elevation Pictures
Province: British Columbia
Language: English


Any Other Way: The Jackie Shane Story
Directors: Michael Mabbott and Lucah Rosenberg-Lee
Screenwriters: Michael Mabbott, Lucah Rosenberg-Lee and Alison Duke
Production: Banger Media Inc. and NFB
Distributor: NFB
Province: Ontario
Language: English


À pied
Director and screenwriter: Vali Fugulin
Production: Couzin Films Inc.
Distributor: Maison 4 :3 Inc.
Province: Quebec
Language: French


Au boute du rien pantoute
Director: Jérome Sabourin
Screenwriters: Jérome Sabourin, Angélique Richer and Sarah Lévesque
Production: Productions Mustang Inc.
Distributor: Films du 3 mars Inc.
Province: Quebec
Language: French


Audiophilia: Adventures in the World of Hi-Fi
Director and screenwriter: Ron Mann
Production: 136469 Canada Limited o/a Sphinx Productions
Distributor: Films We Like
Province: Ontario
Language: English


Director and screenwriter: Lawrence Côté-Collins
Production: 9174-5018 Québec Inc.
Distributor: Maison 4 :3
Province: Quebec
Language: French


Born To Be Wild
Director: Oliver Schwehm
Screenwriters: Oliver Schwehm and Catherine Bainbridge
Production: Rezolution Pictures (BTBW) Inc. and Lunabeach Media
Distributor: Blue Ant
Province: Quebec
Language: English


Director: Lamia Chraibi
Screenwriters: Lamia Chraibi and Yza Nouiga
Production: Production Leitmotiv Inc.
Distributor: Films du 3 mars
Province: Quebec
Language: Portuguese


Doug Henning: Magic Man
Director and screenwriter: Martha Kehoe
Production: Insight Productions Ltd.
Distributor: KinoSmith
Province: Ontario
Language: English


Eye of the Hurricane
Director and screenwriter: Peter Thurling
Production: The Eye of the Hurricane Productions Inc.
Distributor: Level Film
Province: Ontario
Language: English


Gimme Some Truth
Directors and screenwriters: Brad Abrahams and Simon Ennis
Production: Hawkeye Pictures Inc. and Taglicht Media
Distributor: Game Theory Films
Province: Ontario
Language: English


I Love Lucy (working title)
Director and screenwriter: Fern Levitt
Production: CCI Productions Inc.
Distributor: Aqute Media Inc.
Province: Ontario
Language: English


La nuit noire m’a donné des yeux noirs
Director and screenwriter: Jean-François Lesage
Production: Les productions des films de l’autre Inc.
Distributor: Films du 3 mars
Province: Quebec
Language: French


Director and screenwriter: Catherine Legault
Production: Concerto Films Inc.
Distributor: Films du 3 Mars
Province: Quebec
Language: English


Director and screenwriter: Nicolas Paquet
Production: Franc doc films (bis) inc.
Distributor: ONF
Province: Quebec
Language: French


Mama no himitsu
Director and screenwriter: Laurence Lévesque
Production: Metafilms Inc.
Distributor: Spira
Province: Quebec
Language: French and Japanese


Director and screenwriter: Kinga Michalska
Production: Les Productions Catbird Inc.
Distributor: Films du 3 Mars
Province: Quebec
Language: Polish and English


Smoke & Gifts / It’s All Gonna Break
Directors: Ann Shin and Stephen Chung
Screenwriters: Ann Shin and Hannah Donegan
Production: Fathom Film Group Ltd.
Distributor: Mongrel Media
Province: Ontario
Language: English


Swan Song
Director: Chelsea McMullan
Screenwriters: Chelsea McMullen and Sean O’Neill
Production: Ugly Duckling Media Inc.
Distributor: Blue Ice Docs Inc.
Province: Ontario
Language: English


Toute la vérité sur les extraterrestres
Directors: Guylaine Maroist and Éric Ruel
Screenwriter: Guylaine Maroist
Production: 9212-5913 Québec Inc.
Distributor: Productions de la Ruelle Inc.
Province: Quebec
Language: French


Director: Mila Aung-Thwin
Screenwriters: Mila Aung-Thwin and Mike MacMillan
Production: Eyesteel Productions Inc., Lithium Studios Productions Inc. and Digital Cube
Distributor: EyeSteelFilm
Province: Quebec
Language: English


Pat Mullen is the publisher of POV Magazine. He holds a Master’s in Film Studies from Carleton University where his research focused on adaptation and Canadian cinema. Pat has also contributed to outlets including The Canadian Encyclopedia, Paste, That Shelf, Sharp, Xtra, and Complex. He is the vice president of the Toronto Film Critics Association and an international voter for the Golden Globe Awards.

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