Hot Docs 2014

Festival OverviewMarc Glassman
Instead of transforming into a bland corporate adult, the 21-year-old festival is more appealing and community-minded than ever.

The POV Interview: John KastnerMarc Glassman
A candid conversation with the multi-award-winning director of Life With Murder, NCR: Not Criminally Responsible and his latest, Out of Mind, Out of Sight

All Together NowAdam Nayman
If there’s a through-line between this year’s most interesting Canadian selections, it’s that their directors have chosen to eschew an individual focus in favour of an ensemble presentation.

Diverse Women, Diverse DocsKiva Reardon
Directors Helene Klodawsky, Julie Perron and Carole Laganière represent “a nice biodiversity in cinema”

Creating An Icon for a Century DisappearedVincenzo Pietropaolo
Bahman Tavoosi’s Dress Rehearsal for an Execution elevates a photograph to become among one of the greatest icons of the 20th century.

In Review:
The OvernightersMaurie Alioff
Divide in ConcordPatrick Mullen
Doc of the DeadMA
What is Left?PM
From the Bottom of the LakePM
The Joe ShowMA
Tour of DutyHeather Mercer
I Am Big Bird: The Carrol Spinney StoryPM
Meet the PatelsPM
An Honest LiarPM
Ukraine Is Not a BrothelNicholas Gergesha
Love MeNG
Velvet TerroristsNG
Captivated: The Trials of Pamela SmartMA
The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron SwartzMA
Living StarsPhil Brown
Concerning ViolenceHM
Kings of the Wind and Electric QueensPB
The Malagasy WayPB
Nelson Mandela – The Myth and MePB
The SheikPM
American InteriorHM
See No EvilPM
The Writer With No HandsPM
Write Down, I am an ArabPM
Gun PornPM
Kung Fu ElliotPM