Now Streaming: ‘Leslie Caron: The Reluctant Star’

Leslie Caron in Paris
Courtesy GAT PR

By Pat Mullen

Leslie Caron is back! (Not that she ever went away.)

In case you missed last summer’s premiere at TIFF Bell Lightbox, Leslie Caron: The Reluctant Star is now streaming on TVO. This new documentary from Larry Weinstein offers a candid and intimate profile of the star of Gigi and An American in Paris fame as Caron reflects upon a career that spans over six decades in show business. Perhaps an honorary Oscar is due for Miss Caron? Watch the film and let the Academy know if they should consider her!

We chatted with Weinstein about his new film and what screen icons like Leslie Caron might be able to teach the Canadian film scene when it comes to making stars:

“I think there’s been an attempt at that in Canada. Like in Quebec, you see the same faces repeatedly. In the rest of Canada, I think people are trying to manufacture their own stars, with someone like Paul Gross. We do have a very reluctant star in someone like Sarah Polley who could appear in all sorts of stuff if she wanted to. She’s world class. I think it’s just different, especially with funding. It was different with studios when there was a constant run of films. Like Leslie says in the documentary, she finished one film on Saturday and started the next film on Monday. Those faces just became these stock actors who were paid very little—and it’s shocking how little they were paid…”

Read more on Leslie Caron: The Reluctant Star in the POV interview and watch the film below:

(PS: The film that Weinstein refers to in the part of the interview that discusses docs about mature women is Mermaids, the debut feature by his daughter Ali, which is now in select theatres and featured in the current issue of POV.)