From top: Artie Shaw: Time Is All You've Got (TIFF); Los Angeles Plays Itself (MUBI); RIDM; TIFF (Connie Tsang); The Girl Chewing Gum (John Smith/MUBI); St-Henri, the 26th of August (NFB)

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A look ahead to our fall issue

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This beautiful summer weather can only mean one thing: Fall festival season is on its way! The POV team is working away on our fall 2023 issue—number 119!—just in time for the Toronto International Film Festival in September. This issue will feature some first looks at new docs debuting on the circuit, along with our usual deep dives, retrospectives, and eye for what’s happening in the Canadian documentary field.

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In the meantime, here are some highlights from our upcoming fall 2023 issue:

-First looks at documentaries premiering on the festival circuit.

-Policy Matters columnist Barri Cohen returns with a take on DOC’s Documentality initiative and efforts to spotlight mental health among documentary filmmakers.

-A conversation with director Brigitte Berman about the restoration of her Academy Award winning documentary Artie Shaw: Time Is All You’ve Got. One of only three Canadian films to win the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature, Artie Shaw was long unavailable to the public following its win.

-A survey of the state of affairs for regional filmmaking and representation in Quebec. How much does the landscape for Canadian film funding favour those in urban centres versus filmmakers living outside the main hubs?

-Shannon Walsh, 2023 winner of the Governor General’s Awards in Visual Media and Arts, reflects on the fine art of creating impactful and ethically non-fiction films through the lens of a filmmaker and academic with a career rooted in community based documentary.

-The city symphony film yields some of the most familiar sights and sounds of any form of documentary, but how has the collage of honking horns, bustling traffic, and rising skyscrapers changed as cities have transformed? From Man with a Movie Camera to Los Angeles Plays Itself to Vancouver Never Plays Itself, Justine Smith offers a road trip through urban landscapes.

-Finding a sweet spot between documentary and drama, experimental filmmaker John Smith is a maverick of filmmaking that defies categorization. With a body of work that includes titles like The Girl Chewing Gum, Citadel, Dad’s Stick, and the Hotel Diaries series, the British filmmaker receives overdue appreciation.

-Hot Docs recently turned 30, so how is North America’s largest documentary film festival faring in its third decade? The marquee non-fiction event receives an assessment.

-Documentary has long made use of archival material, but are we in the age of Archive 2.0? As YouTube and social media have given rise to a flood of user-generated content, documentaries have harnessed the riches of selfie culture and personal archives. But what does it mean for the art form?

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