Issue 57 – Spring 2005

Issue 57 - Spring 2005

Toronto’s Primitive Entertainment celebrates fifteen years making bold and provocative docs that inspire us.

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Documenting Apartheid – Part 2

With the bloody 1976 Students’ Revolt, the American media snapped to attention, and discovered apartheid which from then on became the hypocritical rationale for covering the violence in South Africa, the real bait for the networks. The Soweto Uprising had

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My Own Private Doc-files

Jorgen Leth: Translucent Being The Five Obstructions, a movie made with (and despite) Lars Von Trier, has pushed Jorgen Leth further into visibility on the global stage but there are long lines of light that led to that renowned collaboration.

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True Lies

Media activists Stephen Marshall and Anthony Lappé’s first book, True Lies, packs enough journalistic punch and insight to shake to the core even those who have been paying close attention to the political scene in the United States for the

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And the Oscar Goes to…

Ah, memories of Oscar, from Audrey Hepburn hiking up her dress to show NFB director Eunice Macaulay her outrageously high heels, to Oscar winning NFB animators, up on the big stage, frozen like deer in the headlights. Would they talk?

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The Video Smorgasbord of Today – HD TV

High Def and Standard Def The existing North American system for broadcasting is called NTSC. This is now known as “Standard Definition”. “High Definition” is a totally new standard requiring different cameras, capture mediums, playback machines, transmission facilities and TVs.

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Festival Baggage

What has happened to the fabulous festival bag? And I don’t mean the aged blonde puffing away on the terrace, martini in one hand, cellphone in the other. Long gone are the weighty corporate satchels with multi-pockets, flaps and key

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Primitive Celebrates 15 Years

Since their splashy beginning fifteen years ago with the “non-fiction movie” The Falls, Primitive has beena major force in documentary production. They’ve built their enviable reputation for integrity and innovation with such important point-of-view docs as In the Reign of Twilight, Intelligence, Cod: the

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What Makes Israeli Docs So Hot?

Many filmmakers make documentaries but there are few countries where they have the freedom and opportunity to so consistently shine a light on all the foibles, injustices and controversies of their society as they do in Israel. Films like David

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