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TIFF 2021: Flee Review


Flee documents the unfilmable. Jonas Poher Rasmussen's stunning Sundance Grand Jury Prize winner rewards repeat viewings with its animated portrait of life always on the run.

The Lost Leonardo Is a Work of Art

The Lost Leonardo is one of those docs that is absolutely worth seeing because the story is so compelling. Not only is Andreas Koefoed’s film well researched, but it also has a pace and rhythm that makes one relish its complex narrative.

Yeh Freedom Life Review: Working Class Romance in New Delhi

On a typical afternoon, Neha Beauty Care & Training Centre is appropriately raucous with marriage talk. “I said: What else is love if not this madness?” Sachi, an emotional and playful beautician with nervous bravado, declares in half-jest. “Craziness is what love is!” She works at the beauty parlour in the dully chaotic, sedating interiors of New Delhi’s working-class Ambedkar Nagar district, the simultaneously shadowy and luminous setting of Priya Sen’s Yeh Freedom Life. Sachi’s family does not approve of her relationship with Sai, who is also a woman. Parveen, the film’s other protagonist, traverses a similarly torrid terrain of

Pray Away Review: Ex-Ex-Gays Denounce Conversion Therapy

“Shortly after coming out, a gay person said bluntly and directly that I had blood on my hands,” says Randy Thomas in the documentary Pray Away. “He said, ‘What do you think about the blood on your hands?’ I said, ‘Right now, all I know is that I’m afraid to look down at my hands.’” Thomas, the final vice-president of the now-defunct Exodus International, makes this powerful confession towards the end of director Kristine Stolakis’s film. Thomas is one of several former members of Exodus International, which beckoned LGBTQ people to leave the “homosexual lifestyle” and walk a straight path

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