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Point of View Magazine (POV) is Canada’s premiere magazine about documentary culture.

POV was founded by the lobby and advocacy organization, Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC), in 1990. In 2010, POV became separately incorporated. POV now exists as its own entity—a quarterly full-colour print magazine with an established and engaged online presence.

We’ve delivered over 100 issues of smart, thoughtful and critically engaged coverage of the documentary films and photographs and the artists that make them to an expanding audience.As the world of documentary media evolves, so does POV. We’re endlessly curious about the ways documentaries provide perspective and context in an increasingly frantic world.


If you would like to contribute to Point of View, send an email to editor Marc Glassman.
Please note: we are unable to cover films in their financing stage. Thank you for your understanding.

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POV reaches a targeted niche of Canadian independent film and television producers, directors, film enthusiasts and more. Please contact info@povmagazine.com for more information, and download our media kit for issue publication dates and ad rates.

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Judy Wolfe, Publisher

Marc Glassman, Editor

David Donald, Art Director

Pat Mullen, Associate Online Editor and Production Manager

Derolyn Kinkead, Marketing and Production Coordinator


POV Magazine is a non-profit corporation led by a Board of Directors. The majority of our Board members are appointed by the Documentary Organization of Canada, which remains a key partner.

Board of Directors:
David Craig (treasurer)
Karen Gordon (chair)
Barry Greenwald
Perry King
Michaelin McDermott (vice-chair)
Michael McNamara
Nimisha Mukerji
Melissa Shin
Brian St. Denis