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Review: ‘Kedi’

“A cat meowing at your feet, looking up at you, is life smiling at you,” says one of the many affectionate cat people of Kedi. “Those are the moments when we’re lucky they remind us we’re alive.”

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Review: ‘Exit: Music’

Exit Music (Canada, 82 min.) Dir. James Murdoch   “What, then, do these five ever-greats have in common?” asks host Simon Wynberg in this doc that explores the lives and work of composers Paul Ben-Haim, Adolph Busch, Walter Braunfels, Erich Korngold and Mieczyslaw Weinberg. “Even though all had different stories, all shared in the loss of family, friends, security, identity, and the trauma of displacement.” Exit: Music examines the different stories and legacies of these five composers, all of whom were Jewish musicians whose lives were changed by Nazism. In many of these cases, the composers still struggle to achieve

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