Review: ‘Next of Kin’

Next of Kin (Canada, 44 min.) Dir. Nadine Pequeneza Witness some astonishing sleuthing in Next of Kin. This CBC Docs POV work from director Nadine Pequeneza (The Invisible Heart) goes to the front lines of family services

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Review: ‘Dolphin Man’

Dolphin Man (Canada/Greece, 77 min.) Dir. Lefteris Charitos “I am like an animal,” says Jacques Mayol. “I live intensely in the moment.” Late free diver Jacques Mayol was hardly the first person

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Review: ‘Science Fair’

Science Fair (USA, 90 min.) Dir. Christina Costantini, Darren Foster Science Fair is cute, fun, and inspiring, but let’s not kid ourselves: we’ve seen this documentary a million times before. It’s Spellbound with the periodic

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On Docs and Divas


Director Tom Volf discusses his archival portrait of opera icon Maria Callas, which tells her own story in her own words through a meticulously researched, restored, and constructed tapestry of life her,

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Review: ‘Regarding Gravity’

Regarding Gravity (Qu’importe la gravité) (Canada, 79 min.) Dir. Matthieu Brouillard There are moments that make people feel like they can fly. These episodes are sometimes called sparks of inspiration. In other cases,

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Review: ‘Restoring Tomorrow’

Restoring Tomorrow (USA, 82 min.) Dir. Aaron Wolf Director Aaron Wolf takes his camera along a spiritual and cinematic pilgrimage in Restoring Tomorrow. The director explores the USA’s crisis of faith by chronicling

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