• Hot Docs Trailers: ‘Havana from on High’

    Hot Docs Trailers: ‘Havana from on High’

    Enjoy the picturesque views of Cuba from new heights in Havana from on High. From filmmaker/photographer Pedro Ruiz (who did our glamour shot of Alanis Obomsawin for the cover of issue #103), Havana from on High takes audiences to the rooftops of central Havana where some of the city’s poorest citizens live atop the city’s buildings in a makeshift village. As the 11 characters gaze at the city below from their unique vantage point, the doc challenges the postcard perfect view of tourism hot spots as the residents reflect on a dire housing crisis and a country on the cusp of change. Havana from on High debuts at Hot Docs on Friday, April 26. Subscribe today to read more about Havana from on High in our upcoming Hot Docs issue!

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  • Hot Docs Trailers: ‘There Are No Fakes’

    Hot Docs Trailers: ‘There Are No Fakes’

    Sure to be one of the more controversial Canadian documentaries to premiere at Hot Docs this year, There Are No Fakes dives into the worlds of art and Indigenous rights. Director Jamie Kastner (The Skyjacker’s Tale) picks up an unusual case that begins when Barenaked Ladies’ musician Kevin Hearn discovers that the $20,000 painting by acclaimed Anishinaabe artist Norval Morrisseau in his collection is actually a fake. The doc chronicles a case with deep implications for exploitation and cultural appropriation as Hearn’s lawsuit against the art dealer opens a rabbit hole of life imitating art.

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  • Hot Docs Trailers: ‘On the President’s Orders’

    Hot Docs Trailers: ‘On the President’s Orders’

    Making its North American premiere at Hot Docs following a debut at CPH:DOX, On the President’s Orders brings an explosive tale of political corruption to Toronto. (SNC Lavalin free, too!) Directors James Jones and Olivier Sarbil explore the mission of President Rodrigo Duterte, who assumed leadership of the Philippines in 2016 and essentially began running the show like a populist mob boss in his mission to eradicate the country’s drug problem. (But arguably outpacing the crimes of his targets in the process.) Attendees at this week’s Hot Docs press conference got a peek at the film’s explosive trailer, which promises a thrilling mix of action, political intrigue, and journalistic rigor. On the President’s Orders premieres April 27 in the World Showcase program.

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  • Hot Docs Trailers: ‘Prey’

    Hot Docs Trailers: ‘Prey’

    Hot off this week’s announcement of the full Hot Docs line-up comes the trailer for Prey, the new documentary from Matt Gallagher and Cornelia Principe (How to Prepare for Prison). Prey chronicles a landmark court case in which the Catholic Church was held accountable for covering up the crimes of sexual abuse committed by Father Hod Marshall against boys at his school for many years. The doc gives voice to one survivor in particular, Rod MacLeod, who seeks justice and closure for the crimes committed against him when he was just a young boy. Prey premieres at Hot Docs on April 26, exactly one year to the day on which the trial verdict was delivered.

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  • Hot Docs Trailers: ‘The Rest’

    Hot Docs Trailers: ‘The Rest’

    After his exceptionally powerful The Human Flow, artist and activist Ai Weiwei continues to put the many lives displaced by global conflict before his camera. His new film The Rest, which was recently tapped for a North American premiere at Hot Docs, puts a human face on the migration crisis by seeing it through the eyes of a single refugee. Reportedly drawn from over 900 hours of footage, the film is a parallel piece to Human Flow that situates the lives of displaced persons within the growing rise of nationalism worldwide. The film is a Hot Docs homecoming for the artist, as Alison Klayman’s Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry opened the festival in 2012.

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  • Hot Docs Trailers: ‘Willie’

    Hot Docs Trailers: ‘Willie’

    A hockey hero gets his due in the new film Willie. The doc, which was announced this week to world premiere in Hot Docs’ Special Presentations line-up, tells the story of Willie O’Ree, who broke barriers as the first hockey Black player in the NHL when he hit the ice in 1957. This film directed by Laurence Mathieu-Leger, featuring a team composed entirely of women and minority crew members, follows O’Ree’s journey from segregated bus terminals to the Hockey Hall of Fame. It’s an inspiring story that matters to this day as many sports still place considerable barriers for access and inclusion. Catch Willie at Hot Docs in April and subscribe to read more in the next issue of POV!

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  • Hot Docs Trailers: ‘The Corporate Coup d’Etat’

    Hot Docs Trailers: ‘The Corporate Coup d’Etat’

    Coming to the Special Presentations line-up at this year’s Hot Docs is Fred Peabody’s timely new film The Corporate Coup d‘État. The doc follows up after Peabody’s 2016 hit All Governments Lie and examines how the media landscape and politics have shifted with Donald Trump in the White House. The doc draws upon John Ralston Saul’s theory of “the corporate coup d‘état,” which was recently used by journalists and activists like Naomi Klein to characterize corporate America’s pervasive hijacking over the government come to fruition in the age of Trump.

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  • Hot Docs Trailers: ‘Assholes: A Theory’

    Hot Docs Trailers: ‘Assholes: A Theory’

    One of the 15 titles announced yesterday for this year’s Hot Docs is John Walker’s Assholes: A Theory. The doc playfully adapts Aaron James’ New York Times bestseller of the same name and examines the rise in “asshole culture” that is growing worldwide. What attracts us to assholes? Watch the trailer (and the film) to find out!

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  • Netflix’s ‘Our Planet’ Makes History with Super Bowl Spot

    Netflix’s ‘Our Planet’ Makes History with Super Bowl Spot

    In case you missed yesterday’s Super Bowl (or fell asleep), the night featured a history making ad. For the first time ever, a documentary series landed a Super Bowl Spot. The series, Netflix’s nature doc Our Planet, launches globally April 5 and promises to be far more exciting than the game was.

    Synopsis: This eight-part series, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, will explore the unique and precious wonders of our natural world from the creator of the award-winning series Planet Earth. In partnership with World Wildlife Fund, Our Planet combines stunning photography and technology with an unprecedented, never-before-filmed look at the planet’s remaining wilderness areas and their animal inhabitants. The ambitious four-year project has been filmed in 50 countries across all the continents of the world, with over 600 crew members capturing more than 3500 filming days, and will focus on the breadth of the diversity of habitats around the world, from the remote Arctic wilderness and mysterious deep oceans to the vast landscapes of Africa and diverse jungles of South America

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  • Docs to Watch: ‘Talking at Night’

    Docs to Watch: ‘Talking at Night’

    Let’s talk about mental illness. Eric Thiessen’s important 2017 NFB documentary Talking at Night observes the positive impact that an empathetic ear can have on anyone feeling hopeless or in despair. The film goes behind the scenes at Saskatoon’s Mobile Crisis Centre, which provides 24/7 support to people in distress. The calls range from fears of suicide to stories of abuse and tales of depression. The film effectively conveys the process of bringing mental illness out into the open and encourages viewers to seek a helpful ear wherever one may be.

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