Where to Stream the 2021 Documentary Oscar Nominees

By Pat Mullen

There is still a month to go in this year’s long (very long) award season. Thankfully, that means there’s more time to stream the nominees! This year’s race for Best Documentary Feature could be very close with critical favourites Collective and Time offering underdog choices for the Academy—voters rarely go for international docs and personal, poetic works, respectively—and a dark horse emerging as an industry favourite in My Octopus Teacher. Meanwhile, Crip Camp and The Mole Agent have been charming audiences for over a year since their debuts at Sundance 2020, and offer the kind of truly memorable characters who often inspire a vote.

Most of this year’s documentary Oscar nominees are readily available, especially if one can make use of library cards or SVOD streamers—although it will be tricky without subscriptions. We’ve rounded up the links for the doc contenders to enjoy in the comfort of your own home ahead of the Oscars ceremony on April 25!

Best Documentary Feature


– available on Hoopla, Neflix, and VOD (various platforms)

Review: “as informative as a long read in the Saturday paper and as wildly engaging as a political thriller”

Also nominated for Best International Feature (Romania)

Crip Camp

– available on Netflix

Review: “feels like a landmark for inclusive filmmaking”

The Mole Agent

– available on Hoopla, Hot Docs at Home, Kanopy and VOD (various platforms)

Review: “Whether The Mole Agent provides a journalistically true insight into the situation, or is completely staged, or is, perhaps, a combination of both, may be beside the point.”

My Octopus Teacher

– available on Netflix

Review: “An inspiring and personal account of our relationship with—and responsibility to—the natural world.”


– available on Amazon Prime

Review: “Bradley positions herself as a modern doc filmmaker [and] storyteller channeling strong emotions and affecting narratives”

Best Documentary, Short Subject

The complete short doc package is available at Hot Docs at Home and TIFF digital.


- available for free below via The Guardian

Review: “captures the ways in which one woman has dealt with the trauma of losing someone during a tragic event”

A Concerto Is a Conversation
– available on NYT Op-Docs and YouTube below

Review: “The two voices create a wonderful harmony, like one hand tickling the ivories of a keyboard while the other manages the chords.”

Interview with director Ben Proudfoot

Do Not Split

– available on on Vimeo below and Field of Vision

Review: “This on-the-ground and in-the-moment doc from Field of Vision and director Anders Hammer is bravura filmmaking.”

Interview with director Anders Hammer

Hunger Ward

- available on Pluto (not in Canada) and Paramount+

Review: “Going beyond journalistic objectivity, the film’s approach is one of empathy.”

A Love Song for Latasha

– available on Netflix

Review: “ a beautiful, affectionate ode to a young Black girl who deserves to be remembered in the words of the people who loved her”

The Oscars air on Sunday. April 25.