Watch TIFF’s Cameron Bailey and Director Roger McTair Discuss ‘Home Feeling’

By Pat Mullen

Catch a vibrant conversation about a landmark documentary with the TIFF at Home dialogue on Home Feeling: Struggle for a Community. TIFF co-head Cameron Bailey joined filmmaker Roger McTair, who directed the 1983 NFB film with late filmmaker Jennifer Hodge de Silva, for a timely conversation about the film’s ongoing relevance. Home Feeling depicts the tensions between marginalised communities in Toronto’s Jane and Finch neighbourhood where residents experience systemic racism daily. The film screened as part of the “Toronto International Film Festival”:’s effort to spotlight Black voices and experiences amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter campaigns. The recent events are an activist response to the murder of George Floyd at the hands of white police officers and they have grown into a global movement addressing systemic racism and raising deeper questions of representation.

Read more about Home Feeling: Struggle for a Community in the essays We Can Speak for Us and Unfinished Business The film is available to stream from the NFB.