Watch ‘Debris’ from the NFB!

Photo by Teri Senlgrove, courtesy of the NFB

By Pat Mullen

Watch a short documentary by filmmaker John Bolton to mark the fifth anniversary of the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami. The NFB offers Bolton’s new film for free in memoriam of the event, which claimed nearly 16 000 lives and displaced over 228 000 people. The film, which premiered at the Vancouver International Film Festival, streams until March 13 at 9:00 am ET. Watch it below:

Synopsis: Debris is a portrait of Tofino, BC intertidal artist Pete Clarkson as he crafts his most ambitious and personal project to date: a memorial to the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami. He, like so many of us around the world, was deeply affected by the disaster. Years later, as splintered and mangled timber and other objects started to wash ashore, the disaster hit home again for Clarkson, and the inspiration for his memorial was born. In Clarkson’s caring hands, the remnants from the Tohoku region take on a life of their own as he shapes them into a unique public sculpture. The result is an evocative memorial that is a site of remembrance and contemplation, and an emotional bridge connecting an artist, his community and a people an ocean away.

Debris by ONFB, National Film Board of Canada