The POV Gear Guide: Panasonic AG-DVX200 in Action

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We’ve given you our point of view on the Panasonic AG-DVX200, now it’s time to see the camera in action! This high-calibre camcorder offers a bundle of professional options that help doc makers bring out the best in their work as they capture subjects in a variety of scenarios, including run-and-gun and low light.

In our review of the Panasonic AG-DVX200, we said:

For the budget-conscious documentary maker looking for a 4K-capable documentary camera, the DVX200 offers excellent value. It is a fully featured camera, with a number of new innovative features not seen on other cameras. Its image stabilization, focus-assist features, storage media, variable frame rate recording capability, pre-record function, and 12-stop dynamic range combined with the V-Log L colour profile are very attractive features, especially for a relatively lightweight and inexpensive camera.

Watch some test footage of the Panasonic AG-DVX200 below to see samples of the benefits of shooting with this professional and consumer-friendly 4K HD camcorder.

Please visit Panasonic for more information on the DVX200.

Video credits:
Cinematography: Jason O’Hara
Editing: Alyssa Schmidt

Excerpts are from the Pages UnBound ARP Publishing book launch at the Gladstone Hotel, Nov. 23,2016, featuring Hal Niedzviecki, Emma Healey, Kaie Kellough, Andrew F. Sullivan, Angela Gibbs and Marc Glassman.

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