Teaser Trailer: ‘Where to Invade Next’

By Pat Mullen

A new teaser trailer for Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next is out thanks to Canadian distributor Mongrel Media. The film, which premiered to a wild reception at TIFF (which you can read more about in our TIFF report in Issue #100), comes to theatres in January. It’s one of Moore’s best films and a change of pace for the director that one needs to see to believe.

In the TIFF review, we wrote:

The film doesn’t deliver the same sensationalism that, for better or for worse, defines Moore’s films, but his unshakable pride in America rings true in every interview as he scours the globe looking to save the country he loves. This kinder, gentler Moore offers an extension in the effective sentimental side that creeps through in Capitalism: A Love Story. With Moore’s mix of sarcasm and sweetness, the film reveals the absurdity of American ideology through humour and by visiting the countries that are getting it right. (Read the full review here.)

Where to Invade Next opens in Canada on January 8.