#tbt Pride Month Pick: ‘Handsome and Majestic’

By Pat Mullen

This month’s series of Throwback Thursday (#tbt) posts offer spotlights on LGBTQ stories for Pride Month. This week starts the programme with a recent Canadian highlight from the festival circuit, Hot Docs 2016’s Handsome and Majestic from directors Nathan Drillot and Jeff Petry. The film is an inspiring story of transgender teen Milan, who shares his experience of coming out and sharing his true identity with family and friends.

Growing up in the comparatively conservative town of Prince George, BC isn’t easy for the young teen, and Milan’s mother suspects that much of the bullying her son experienced may have been encouraged by teachers who didn’t accept Milan’s sexuality. His mother’s support makes the film a crucial story of empathy and understanding as she explains the journey of coming to realise that her young daughter wasn’t actually a lesbian, but rather a boy breaking out of his shell and finding the right skin.

Drillot and Petry let Milan do the bulk of the talking, though, in this upbeat and inspiring character study. His words about love, confidence, and acceptance offer just the right message to kick off the month.

Watch Handsome and Majestic below:

Handsome and Majestic from Saville Productions on Vimeo.