Shorts Spotlight: ‘Deborah Harry Does Not Like Interviews’

By Pat Mullen

We’ve done a lot of interviews at POV, but none (as far as I know) have featured the appearance of a monkey named Minkie. The plush chimp makes an appearance alongside singer/actress Deborah Harry of Blondie and Videodrome in the new short doc Deborah Harry Does Not Like Interviews. Directed by Meghan Fredrich, Deborah Harry Does Not Like Interviews is a perceptive all-archival examination of a star’s shrewd ability to overtake sexism in the media. This fun collage watches the star endure one torturous interview after another as reporters and talk show hosts ask Harry about her hair. The irritation is palpable.

Cue Minkie, who pops up later in Harry’s career when she’s promoting her new song “I Want That Man” with its lyrics of female empowerment. Fueled by the energy of her song and her refusal to let pandering journalists take her less seriously than they do her male counterparts, Harry lets Minkie take the spotlight. As “I Want That Man” closes out the doc with Harry singing about the approach of the 21st Century, the song takes on an ironic tone as the film asks audiences if anything’s changed with the ways in which women are portrayed in the media.

Watch Deborah Harry Does Not Like Interviews below.

Deborah Harry Does Not Like Interviews from Public Interest on Vimeo.