Short Doc Spotlight: ‘Grandma Learns to Drive’

By Pat Mullen

POV usually offers a short doc alongside the weekly(ish) ‘What’s Up, Doc?’, but link round-ups are on pause as the team puts the finishing touches on the Fall issue and readies for TIFF. That doesn’t mean we can’t spotlight a good Canadian doc to watch during the lunch hour or while the boss is taking a nap. After all, this humid weather calls for shorts!

This week’s short doc shout-out goes to Dominique Keller’s fun and inspiring Grandma Learns to Drive. This CBC Short Docs film puts Keller in the passenger seat with her 89-year-old grandmother Thérèse, who wants to overcome her lifelong regret of never getting her driver’s licence. The octogenarian puts the pedal to the metal after numerous attempts at the written exam and even more hours of much-needing studying in which she learns the concept of merging and the art reading the signs. No age is too old for trying new things as the doc humorously proves through Thérèse’s perseverance and quest to maintain her independence.

Give Thérèse a toot on the horn if she passes you in the fast lane!