Shoot Hoops with NFB Docu-series ‘True North’

Elijah Fisher at practice
Photo by Yasin Osman

By Pat Mullen

The NFB scores from the 3-point line with its first docu-series True North: Inside the Rise of Toronto Basketball. The nine-part series follows five aspiring basketball players in the Greater Toronto Area—Elijah Fisher, Keone Davis, Jalen Celestine, Malachi Ndur, and Cordell Veira—as they pursue their dreams of becoming pro athletes.

The students draw inspiration from the wave of b-ball stars shooting hoops in the 6ix and find strong mentors in coaches Ro Russel, Adeel Sahibzada and Vidal Massiah. Directed by Ryan Sidhoo, True North captures with raw intensity and emotion the drive and dedication it takes to succeed in the game. More importantly, the series highlights the positive impact that the sport has on the athletes as they find confidence on the courts and soar as they gain access to the opportunities to make their dreams a reality.

Watch True North here.“: