RIDM to Screen Retrospectives of Laura Huertas Millán and Luc Moullet

Laura Huertas Millán (above) and Luc Moullet
Both photos courtesy RIDM

by Pat Mullen

The Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM) will spotlight filmmakers Laura Huertas Millán and Luc Moullet at its 2019 festival. RIDM announced the exclusive retrospectives today. Both filmmakers have challenged conventional modes of non-fiction storytelling while telling stories that meditate on themes including travel, place, space, and identity.

The Colombian-born Laura Huertas Millán, now based in France, tTrained at Harvard University’s Sensory Ethnography Lab and the Fresnoy and the Beaux-Arts in Paris. Her films include Sol Negro (2016), La Libertad (2017), and The Labyrinth (2018). The trio of hybrid films deconstructed notions of ethnography and the colonial gaze.

French filmmaker Moullet is a veteran of the documentary scene having worked both behind the camera and as a commentator for Cahiers du Cinéma. His work as a director spans nearly 40 credits across a 50-year career. His documentaries include Origins of a Meal (1979); Essai d’ouverture (1988), which won the Canal+ Award at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival; and Earth Madness (2009), which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival.

The complete RIDM line-up will be announced on October 23 with the festival running November 14-24.

#RIDM2019 Bande-annonce des rétrospectives | Retrospectives trailer from RIDM on Vimeo.