POV Presents ‘What Walaa Wants’ at VIFF!

What Walaa Wants

By Pat Mullen

Get ready to meet Walaa this week at the Vancouver International Film Festival. Walaa Khaled Fawzy Tanji is a 15-year-old girl when we meet her in a refugee camp in the West Bank at the beginning of What Walaa Wants. Over the course of six years, director Christy Garland (Cheer Up) follows Walaa as she grows, comes of age, and pursue her passion to become a policewoman in the Palestinian Security Forces.

Winner of the Special Jury Prize at Hot Docs earlier this year, What Walaa Wants is a remarkable film about the courage and resilience of one young woman. “Walaa is a force,” wrote Amy Siegel in the POV review of the film. “In a world that continues to dehumanize and victimize Palestinian people, reducing lives to numbers without names or stories, it is refreshing to see a film that portrays such a proud, resilient, young Palestinian woman. You will remember Walaa.”

POV is proud to support Walaa’s journey by co-presenting the VIFF screening of What Walaa Wants. The film screens at VIFF on October 1 and 3.

To win tickets to see What Walaa Wants, all you have to do to enter is answer the following question!

Walaa upsets her teacher by wearing what item to training?
a) Her hijab
b) Jeans
c) Lipstick
d) Mascara

(Need a hint? Watch the trailer below!)

Send your answer and full name to info@povmagazine.com with the subject ‘Walaa @ VIFF!’.

What Walaa Wants screens at VIFF on October 1 and 3. Get more info here.

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