POV Presents ‘Mediums’ at Images!


By Pat Mullen

Toronto’s Images Festival returns for its 31st edition April 12-20, 2018. The festival brings the best in moving images to Toronto with a mix of experimental and innovative films, video projects, installations, and screen-based experiences that shape our ever-evolving idea of cinema. Images gets the party started this year with Leilah Weinraub’s Shakedown, which opens the fest with a time capsule portrait of LA’s underground lesbian strip club scene. Other festival highlights include a spotlight on artist Steve Reinke and new works by Canadian artists Mike Hoolboom, Dan Browne, Kent Monkman, and Sara Cwynar, among others.

POV is especially excited to support Images by co-presenting the premiere screening of Mediums a new meditation on the art of the medium shot by James. N. Kientiz Wilkins, who was called one of the “25 new faces of independent film” by Filmmaker Magazine in 2016. Mediums screens with a double bill of classic works, Ross McLaren’s 1983_ film Sex Without Glasses and maverick Peter Greenaway’s Dear Phone, which should provide a bizarre and enlightening time capsule on the relationships between humans and their ringers.

Mediums and company screen at Images on Friday, April 13th at 7:00 PM at Innis Town Hall.
Tickets are $12 for general and $6 for students, seniors, and starving artists.
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Film information:

Dir. James N. Kientiz Wilkins | USA | 2017 | S16 MM on DIGITAL VIDEO | 38 min.

Exhausting the logic of the medium shot, Mediums depicts a series of subjects participating in the voir dire process as potential jurors in the American legal system. The dialogue is composited and culled from an array of found texts including technical literature from the internet, a jury selection pamphlet, an automotive manual, a union constitution, a fast food franchise contract, a health insurance FAQ, and blog posts. Channelling this content, the characters function as mediums themselves, sharing advice and a sense of civic duty with their fellow citizens.

Sex Without Glasses
Dir. Ross McLaren | Canada | 1983 | 16MM | 12 min.

A playful examination of the artifice of cinematic space, Sex Without Glasses forefronts the background by centering the rear-projection process shot. Figures inhabit various scenes including a busy urban street, the beach, a rainy garden, and the classic driving shot in this intriguing formal experiment.

Dear Phone
Dir. Peter Greenaway | UK | 1977 | 16MM | 17 min.

A series of humorous incidents involving the use and misuse of public telephones—all featuring characters with the initials H.C.—is narrated over a montage of banal depictions of phone booths. Greenaway’s classic performs a critique of the arbitrary relationship between text and image.

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Please visit Images Festival for the complete line-up and screening info.
Images runs April 12-20.