The POV guide to RIDM 2013

With so many films to choose from at this year’s RIDM, it’s hard to know where to begin. Several films and filmmakers at the 2013 festival have been highlighted within the pages of POV, and we’ve compiled them here to help with your selection process. POV’s Adam Nayman will also be blogging from the festival, so watch for his missives later this week!

Marcel Ophüls
From the RIDM catalogue: “Ophüls’ body of work, as a documentary director with an appreciation for fiction and a sharp sense of humour, shows him to be not only a patient and persistent seeker of truth, but an inventive filmmaker who shatters genre conventions. Now 85, Ophuls is truly a documentary legend.”

Read Martin Delisle’s exclusive profile of Ophüls from POV’s upcoming Winter issue – online now!

The Sensory Ethnography Lab
From the RIDM catalogue: “From Leviathan’s frenetic editing to the contemplative Manakamana, these filmmakers use multiple approaches toward a common goal: redefining our ways of seeing the world and its inhabitants (both human and not) and shattering the traditional hierarchies of documentary content. Clearly, the laboratory’s name is entirely appropriate.” Visit RIDM’s website for full listings of this Special Program, which includes nine films, master classes, and live performances.

What’s the secret of the SEL’s success? Adam Nayman tells all in this recent POV profile.

Derby Crazy Love
From the RIDM catalogue: “Derby Crazy Love takes us to the heart of one of the last decade’s most thrilling sporting phenomena. With their blend of passion and humour, the roller-skate warriors emerge as revolutionaries who are changing women’s image, one shoulder-check at a time — and also changing how we experience sports, thanks to their playful spirit and unparalleled sense of spectacle. Lace ’em up!”

Read this career-spanning interview with the creators of Derby Crazy Love, Justine Pimlott and Maya Gallus, from our 25th anniversary issue.

BÀ NÔI (grandma)
From the RIDM catalogue: “Khoa Lê chronicles a deeply personal journey to Vietnam, where he visits distant relatives to celebrate the New Year. It is an odyssey full of familiar yet foreign people and places, of lively conversations and things left unsaid.”

Martin Delisle profiled this documentary and other French-language features when they premiered at Hot Docs 2013 – read about it here.

From the RIDM website: “A collaboration between Peter Wintonick and his 19-year-old daughter Mira Burt-Wintonick, PilgrIMAGE is a journey through the history of cinema and the future of new media. Presented as a personal diary co-authored by the two and a road movie through North America and Europe, the film portrays the adventures of the duo and their passion for image and sound.”

Wintonick is a long-standing contributing editor with POV, most recently writing this stirring manifesto addressing the question, “Is the documentary Canada’s national art?”

RIDM Tribute: Michel Brault, A Fruitful Gaze
From the RIDM catalogue: “As a tribute to the late Michel Brault, the Cinémathèque québécoise and the RIDM present a selection of his documentary shorts, made both ‘alone and with others.’”

POV’s Scott Birdwise profiled the legendary Quebec filmmaker on the occasion of his 2012 Hot Docs Outstanding Achievement Award.

Come Worry With Us!
From the RIDM catalogue: “She plays violin, he sings and plays guitar. They are the young parents of little Ezra, an alien in their circle of musicians. The couple tours constantly to keep the bills paid, and now they are living their nomadic life with a baby in tow. It’s a dilemma that filmmaker Helene Klodawsky explored by their side, with the kind of intelligence and poetry that does justice to their uncompromising artistic vision and philosophy of living.”

Read about Catbird Productions, the producers of this film, in this recent POV profile (when the film was called Last Days of Vaudeville).


For full festival listings, visit, and don’t miss this year’s terrific slate of Doc Circuit activities, starting on Monday, November 18.