PHOTOS: The Fruit Hunters at the Bloor

Yung Chang’s third documentary, The Fruit Hunters, made its downtown Toronto premiere on Friday, November 23 at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema. Co-writer Mark Slutsky and author Adam Gollner (who wrote the book the film was based on) were in attendance for a post-screening discussion with Hot Docs programmer Robin Smith. Slutsky and Gollner, friends from before the film was conceived, were extremely amiable and led a lively and humourous Q&A (Slutsky said he, Gollner and Chang had once lived in the same building together in Montréal.)

A special surprise was also teased at before the film started, and much to everyone’s delight we were treated to a sampling of some of the exotic fruits depicted in the film, such as lychees, pitaya (or “dragon fruit”) and ice-cream bean. Here are a few photos from the evening.

(from L-R) Robin Smith, Mark Slutsky and Adam Gollner field questions and pass around a coco de mer, or “lady fruit.”

The aftermath!

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Photos by Brian St. Denis