Penny Lane’s ‘NUTS!’ to Screen Ottawa International Animation Festival

John Brinkley has an idea…
Art by Drew Christie

By Pat Mullen

The Ottawa International Animation Festival announced the titles for its feature animation competition today. The lists of seven features, perhaps the largest number yet for OIAF, includes Penny Lane’s animated documentary NUTS! about quack doctor JR Brinkley and his topsy-turvy manliness remedy that transplants goat testicles into unsuspecting victims. This shrewd, unusual, and thoroughly entertaining documentary ultimately turns Brinkley’s charlatanism back on the art of documentary itself by using animation and creative license to challenge notions of truth. POV caught the film back at Hot Docs, saying: “Most admirable about Nuts! is its complex texture-–newspaper articles overlaid with animation done by different artists, using photos of the actual Brinkley biography as chapter markers-–that really bring the story to life in an innovative way.”

Also joining NUTS! at North America’s largest showcase for animation are three Canadian dramatic features: Window Horses, La guerre des tuques, and Louise en hiver. Previous editions of the festival included the docs Seth’s Dominion and Truth Has Fallen. OIAF shorts titles will be announced soon.

OIAF runs Sept. 21-25. Please visit for more information.