Official Trailer for ‘Sharkwater: Extinction’ Hits the Water

By Pat Mullen

Oh, to arrive home from a holiday at the beach and find a new Sharkwater trailer in the inbox. The first full trailer is out for Sharkwater: Extinction, the follow-up to Rob Stewart’s acclaimed 2006 documentary that mobilized a new audience for docs and drew global awareness to the issue of shark finning. Extinction is Stewart’s final film. It was announced last week that the doc would world premiere as a Special Event at the Toronto International Film Festival before its October release, and is sure to be a highlight on the Canadian front this fall.

Synopsis: Sharkwater Extinction is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Sharkwater, award-winning filmmaker Rob Stewart’s first film, which brought the devastating issue of shark finning to the world stage. Sharkwater Extinction is a thrilling and inspiring action-packed journey. In January 2017, while shooting Sharkwater Extinction, Rob tragically passed away during a dive off the Florida Keys. The world was stunned by the loss of one of the most influential activists of our time. Rob risked everything in a tireless effort to educate, preserve and defend the oceans. His highly anticipated final feature will open in theaters starting October 5th.

Stay tuned for coverage of Sharkwater: Extinction in the fall issue of POV!