#NowStreaming: ‘Gun Killers’ Is an Ode to End Violence

Courtesy of the NFB

By Pat Mullen

Catch up on festival favourites with Gun Killers! Now streaming for free from the NFB, Gun Killers is this year’s runner-up in the Audience Award rankings for Best Short Film at Hot Docs. Jason Young’s film illustrates how much better the world can be when people put their energy into art. Gun Killers introduces audiences to blacksmiths John and Nancy Little, who led a relatively secluded life in rural Nova Scotia. They spend time toiling away at their garden or making eclectic art and music—sculptures and sounds that will make Gun Killers appeal especially to any fans of last year’s festival flick Henry Glassie: Field Work and its eclectic portrait of working class artisans. However, their idiosyncratic craft and their trade intersect unexpectedly with elements of violence.

Part of the blacksmiths’ trade, Young reveals, is to destroy the guns confiscated by police officers. With some clangs and a few sizzles, Gun Killers observes the Littles as they compose an ode to end gun violence. The music they make, from their homemade instruments to powerful anvils, is obviously much better to the ears than cries of gunshots.

Synopsis: Written and directed by Jason Young (Animals, Inside Time), Gun Killers takes us into the rural, secluded paradise that retired blacksmiths John and Nancy Little call home. As the tranquil light of a typical day of harvesting vegetables descends into night, we experience the secret work that John and Nancy are sometimes called upon to undertake for the RCMP.

Watch Gun Killers below from the NFB:

Gun Killers, Jason Young, provided by the National Film Board of Canada