Now Streaming: ‘The Girls of Meru’

By Pat Mullen

Now streaming from the NFB, Andrea Dorfman’s The Girls of Meru spotlights the rights of girls and women and the ongoing fight to combat sexual violence. The film draws upon the experiences of young women in Kenya as they pursue justice for the traumas they’ve endured. Drofman’s background in animation offers anonymity to the girls while preserving their authority. Storybook animated vignettes mix with verité as the film chronicles a five-year journey no child should experience. The Girls of Meru was recently released by the NFB and is now available to stream for free.

Synopsis: Over five years, acclaimed filmmaker Andrea Dorfman follows the heartbreaking yet uplifting story of the girls of Meru and their brave steps toward meaningful equality for girls worldwide. In Kenya, one in three girls will experience sexual violence before age 18, yet police investigations are the exception. In The Girls of Meru, a multinational team led by Canadian lawyer Fiona Sampson and Tumaini Shelter head Mercy Chidi Baidoo builds the case of 11 girls to pursue an unheard of legal tactic. Together they created legal history.

The Girls of Meru, Andrea Dorfman, provided by the National Film Board of Canada