Now Streaming: ‘Take a Walk on the Wildside’

By Pat Mullen

Catch this year’s Canadian Screen Award winner for Best Documentary Short now that Take a Walk on the Wildside is streaming for free at CBC Docs. This film by Lisa Rideout is a fun and inclusive portrait of Toronto entrepreneur and ally Paddy Alridge, who manages the boutique that shares its name with the doc. Take a Walk on the Wildside offers a safe and positive space for members of Toronto’s trans community to find the right clothes and accessories to feel comfortable in their own skin. Rideout gets to know Paddy and her customers by observing the day to day interactions in the store as Alridge helps her guests look and feel like their beautiful selves.

Speaking with POV at Hot Docs last year ahead of Take a Walk on the Wildside’s premiere, Rideout said the film, “revealed the central part of having a community for people to express themselves, especially when the community has historically been ostracised from society. It was amazing to see this space that Paddy created where people could transform and gain confidence in their own skin.” Read more about Talk a Walk on the Wildside in our interview with Rideout and watch the film below.