Now Streaming: ‘Spring & Arnaud’

By Pat Mullen

Catch an audience favourite from Hot Docs now that Spring & Arnaud is streaming on TVO. The film, directed by Marcia Connolly and Katherine Knight, made the Top 10 in the audience rankings at Hot Docs 2013. This beautiful film about love and life chronicles the relationship of acclaimed veteran artists Spring Hurlbut and Arnaud Maggs, the latter being 25 years her senior, and their undying passion. As Maggs approaches the end of his life, he becomes a subject of fascinating intimacy for Hurlbut’s explorations of mortality and legacy through art. It’s a poetic look at the lasting impressions we leave behind.

“Arnaud expressed that his death would be harder for Spring than it would be for him,” said Connolly to POV when the film premiered at Hot Docs. “She would be left behind to deal with everything and he would just be gone. And I think for me that’s something that I really respected about Spring. If you think hypothetically, would you ever go out with someone who was 25 years older than you, most people would say no. And I think that Spring initially thought no, but she was brave enough to realise who he was and who they would be together. And then she got that for 26 years.” Read more about Spring & Arnaud here.

Watch Spring & Arnaud here.