Now Streaming: ‘Picture This’

Andrew Gurza and Tinashe Dune

By Pat Mullen

Now streaming from the NFB comes Picture This, a smart corrective to representations of sexuality and disability. This sex-positive film directed by Jari Osborne (Unwanted Soldiers, Sleeping Tigers: The Asahi Baseball Story) introduces audiences to Torontonian Andrew Gurza, a writer, podcaster, activist, and self-described “queer cripple” on a mission to put conversations of the sex lives of people with disabilities out into the open.

Picture This follows Gurza as he and fellow activists organize the second annual sex-positive play party. The event, “Justify My Love,” lets Torontonians with disabilities discover one another outside of the awkward and intimidating hetero-normative/ableist dating scene, yet receives some snickering as “a handicapped orgy” from select circles. The event reveals how much the conversation needs to change and how people living with disabilities are seen sexless—or as people without the same feelings or desires shared by able-bodied persons. Winner of both the Audience Award for Best Short Film and the award for Best Canadian Short from Inside Out Film Festival, along with a handful of audience awards and honours from festivals around the circuit, Picture This is a brave, candid, and open portrait of finding self-love while opening the minds and hearts of others.

Watch Picture This and read more about Andrew Gurza’s experience with the doc in this NFB blog post.

Picture This, Jari Osborne, provided by the National Film Board of Canada