Now Streaming; NFB Kicks Off Black History Month with ‘Kenbe la, Until We Win’

What makes an individual’s story worth telling? This question underlies Will Prosper’s _ Kenbe la, Until We Win_, which shares the tale of his friend, Haitian-born and Montreal-based artist and activist Alain Philoctète. Kenbe la, released today for free streaming at to kick off Black History Month, offers an inspiring reminder of the journeys shared by many people across Canada. The film is a textbook example of how the specific can be universal when one person bravely lets the cameras enter their world for all to see.

_ Kenbe la, Until We Win_ follows Philoctète in both Haiti and Quebec as he engages with friends and family members in both homes. He imparts his tale of fleeing to Canada as well as the sense of exile he feels in Quebec despite understanding that circumstances might be better for safety and security. The comforts of life in Canada become doubly urgent when the artist receives a cancer diagnosis and realises that the support in his adopted homeland can provide him with the hope he needs to remain strong enough to see Haiti another day.

As proof of Alain’s ability to inspire audiences with his seemingly ordinary tale, Kenbe la won the audience award at the 2019 Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM). For Prosper, the film is simply a matter of ensuring that his friend and audiences feel just as connected to the artist and activist whenever he regales them with his story. “The first time I met Alain, at an activist gathering, it felt like we’d known each other forever,” explains Prosper in his director’s statement. “When he speaks to you and listens to you, you become the most important person in the world. And like the true philosopher he is, he charms you with his stories, with the vast knowledge he’s gained through all the struggles. He sows the seeds of resistance in your mind, building a bridge between you and him.”

Watch _ Kenbe la, Until We Win_ below from the NFB.

Kenbe la, Until We Win, Will Prosper, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

Synopsis: Set in the lush Haitian countryside as well as the icy landscapes of Quebec, Will Prosper’s documentary Kenbe la, Until We Win chronicles the inspiring journey of Alain Philoctète, an artist and activist who dreams of developing a permaculture project in his native country even as he fights an ongoing battle with cancer.