Now Streaming: ‘KONELĪNE: our land beautiful’

Canada Wild Productions

By Pat Mullen

One of the most acclaimed Canadian documentaries of 2016 is now streaming. Catch Nettie Wild’s breathtaking Hot Docs winner KONELĪNE: our land beautiful for free at Knowledge Network. The BC broadcaster is now streaming the stirring and powerful film.

KONELĪNE is a poetic and moving take on a universal struggle,” writes Vivian Belik in a feature on the film. “Gone are the experts and the classical story arc. Instead, Wild widens the focus to include less typical story plots and characters: the men who erect the transmission lines for the mining industry; the hunting outfitter who relies upon untouched wilderness for her livelihood; and the community members relocation of fish affected by a natural rock slide. The land is the main thread that connects these smaller stories together with most of the characters appearing only once in the documentary.”

In his review of the film, Marc Glassman calls KONELĪNE “so stunningly beautiful that it might appear that all of her artistry and energy has been put into shooting lyrical scenes in one of the most gorgeous landscapes in Canada, the forests, mountains, rivers and lakes of northern British Columbia.”

Watch KONELĪNE here.

KONELINE TRAILER 2.0 from Canada Wild Productions on Vimeo.