Now Streaming: ‘In Dog Years’

By Pat Mullen

Salute your four-legged friends and enjoy a belated National Pet Day screening with In Dog Years. The latest dogumentary from Norman Norman director Sophy Romvari, In Dog Years offers a poignant tribute to man’s best friend as a series of interviewees share cherished memories of their pets who are now in their senior years. From arthritic canines to blind pups sporting stylish “doggles,” the film reminds us that our pets, like us, have bodies that age and break down as time wear on.

The film furthers Norman Norman’s consideration of saying goodbye to a beloved pet that has been a part of one’s family for so many years. As the doc listens to the stories of the humans, but keeps its eyes trained on the aged pooches, the film is a touching celebration of life and an ode to the companionship afforded by our furry friends. Anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to a pet knows how hard the decision can be, but In Dog Years is bound to bring a smile as one remembers the pets who’ve provided comfort through the years. Even this avowed cat person found it truly touching.

Watch In Dog Years below: