Now Streaming: ‘Farm Crime’

By Pat Mullen

There’s trouble at the henhouse in the CBC’s new short doc series. Farm Crime gives the ever-popular sub-genre of true crime documentary a truly Canadian spin. This six-part short doc series examines the quirky history of agricultural crime in Canada.

The series looks at crimes that don’t make the headlines, like cow rustling in small towns where cows overpopulate humans or the theft of farm-to-table pigs that devastates Nova Scotia farmers while black market butchers bring home the bacon. Even a blueberry caper of fruits valued over $100,000 threatens to dethrone the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist as the most Canadian crime ever. The series has an offbeat sense of humour, but this folksy slice of true crime reminds audiences how much the hands that feed us often reap only meagre rewards for their efforts.

Farm Crime is executive produced by Geoff Morrison with episodes directed by Morrison, Ryan J. Noth, Christina Carvalho, and Victoria Lean.

Watch episodes here.