Now Streaming: ‘A Better Man’


By Pat Mullen

Catch one of the strongest and most important documentaries of last year now that A Better Man is streaming for free from the NFB. This brave film sees newcomer Attiya Khan reunite with her ex-boyfriend Steve, who abused her over 20 years ago. What follows is a disarming conversation as Attiya’s search for answers guides Steve to confront his actions and see firsthand the lasting consequences of domestic violence. A series of exchanges and interviews between Khan and Steve, as well as their counsellor, who plays a pivotal role in guiding these memories into cathartic closure for both parties, chart an engaging healing process as documentary and therapy blur.

Opening at Hot Docs last year to strong reactions from audiences, A Better Man has grown in relevance since its run on the festival circuit. Out for months before the #MeToo movement, but anticipating its long-overdue conservation, the film encourages audiences to continue the discussion. Khan demonstrates that it’s only through dialogue that progress towards ending violence against women will be found.

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The film contains frank discussions of violence that may be difficult for some viewers.

A Better Man, Lawrence Jackman & Attiya Khan, provided by the National Film Board of Canada