My Real Life (Ma Vie Réelle)
Magnus Isacsson / Canada / 2012 / 90min / French / S.T. English

WHAT: Screening of Ma Vie Réelle with filmmakers, special guests and friends in attendance.
WHERE: Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, 506 Bloor Street West
WHEN: Tuesday, Nov. 12, 6:30 pm
COST: Suggested donation $2-10
SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook event

Join Cinema Politica and POV Magazine for the Toronto premiere of the last film by committed political documentary veteran Magnus Isacsson, who peels apart the layers of oppression and marginalization to reveal the story of Montreal-Nord teenagers whose “real life” is framed by the structural forces of poverty. Ma Vie Réelle is a raw, sincere and personal portrait that manages to be full of life, music and the undeniable spirit of youth. Filmmakers, special guests and friends of Magnus will be in attendance.

SYNOPSIS: Drugs, delinquency, dysfunctional families, abandonment, poverty: “real life” is tough for young people in Montréal-Nord. Magnus Isacsson followed four teens from the impoverished area for 18 months, capturing not only their problems but their immense energy and will to escape. At the heart of their struggle is rap: raw, sincere, potent music that speaks for the disenfranchised. With his rare ability to get close to his subjects and remarkable sensitivity, without a trace of pathos, Isacsson put his subjects’ self-expression front and centre, resulting in one of his finest films. Four unforgettable portraits of four people who share the filmmaker’s generosity of spirit.

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