NFB Adds New Collection of Docs for Free Streaming

Marlene Chartrand in Finding Macpherson
Serge Guigère, courtesy of the NFB

By Pat Mullen

The National Film Board of Canada offers oodles of new films this fall. The batch of 60 titles now available at includes a list of acclaimed documentaries from recent runs on the festival circuit. Docs from John Kastner, William MacGillivray , Rosie Dransfeld and late POV editor Peter Wintonick are among the selection. Brush up on Nollywood before TIFF’s City to City programme with Nollywood Babylon and previous films from this year’s class of TIFF filmmakers including Justin Simms, Hubert Davis, and Alanis Obomsawin. The releases also include Anne Wheeler’s Canadian Screen Award winner Chi and the Jutra winning Finding Macpherson for fans eager to catch some affectionate portraits of female artists.

New docs available from the NFB include:

- Abscences (Caroline Laganière, 2013)

- Chi (Anne Wheeler, 2013)
—>Canadian Screen Award winner for Best Short Documentary

- Cinéma Verité: Defining the Moment
—>Read more about Peter Wintonick in our special commemorative issue.

- Danny (William D. MacGillivray, Justin Simms; 2014)

- _Debris (John Bolton, 2015)
—>Read more about John Bolton’s new hybrid film Aim for the Roses in POV #103!

- Finding Macpherson (Serge Guigère, 2014)
—>Jutra winner for Best Documentary

- Fists of Pride (Hélène Choquette, 2012)

- Hard Light (Justin Simms, 2011)
—>Watch it before Justin Simms’ short doc Hand.Line.Cod. premieres at TIFF!

- Island Green (Millefiore Clarkes, 2013)

- Legend of a Warrior (Corey Lee, 2012)

- Nollywood Babylon (Ben Addelman & Samir Mallal, 2008)

- Out of Mind, Out of Sight (John Kastner, 2014)

- The People of Kattawapiskak River (Alanis Obomsawin, 2012)
—>Watch it before Alanis Obomsawin’s We Can’t Make the Same Mistake Twice premieres at TIFF! (And hits the cover of POV!)

- The Portrait (Hubert Davis, 2012)
—>Watch it before Davis’s Giants of Africa premieres at TIFF!

- St. Henri, the 26th of August (Shannon Walsh, 2011)
—>Watch it as a double bill with September 5 at St-Henri!

- Status Quo? The Unfinished Business of Feminism in Canada (Karen Cho, 2012)

- Who Cares? (Rosie Dransfeld, 2012)

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