Interactive Doc and Series ‘Biology of Story’ Launches

“To grasp the Biology of Story, you may have to adjust slightly what you think of when you hear the word ‘science’,” says Principal Investigator and writer-director Amnon Buchbinder in his introduction to this interactive documentary. Biology of Story launches today after premiering at SXSW and appearing at Pages Unbound and the Canadian Writers’ Summit, and this interactive documentary and YouTube series examines the role of storytelling and narratives within science and conservation. The stories invite audiences to interact with pieces of a greater narrative and explore how engagement affords new perspectives. The interactive design was created with Helios Design Labs, the celebrated digital studio whose résumé includes Highrise and Offshore.

The website for Biology of Story is currently up and running, while one episode will debut each week on YouTube with highlights from this multi-disciplinary approach to moving images. “With our YouTube series, we’re excited to launch a new way to share some of the riches in Biology of Story, with important contemporary voices exploring Story in every realm from oral culture to virtual reality,” says writer-director Amnon Buchbinder.

In the first episode of the Principles Series, Professor of Native Studies Niigaan James Sinclair introduces the Anishinaabeg belief that everything has agency and life. “A story will choose to be with you,” he says, “but you have to choose to pick up a story.” It’s like having a conversation with a peer—actively listening and interpreting what one’s friend says—and building a relationship through dialogue.

Additional participants in Biology of Story include novelist Linwood Barclay; Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair, the co-creators of the critically-acclaimed series High Maintenance; Canadian filmmaker Dean DeBlois of How to Train Your Dragon fame; screenwriter Jill Golick; and award-winning interactive filmmaker Thomas Wallner, among others.

What story do you have to tell? Dissect Biology of Story piece by piece to find out!