Hot Docs Forum Announces Selections

Actress director Robert Greene presents a new project at the Hot Docs Forum

By Pat Mullen

The Hot Docs Forum announced today 19 Canadian and International projects that will be presented at this year’s festival. The Industry component of Hot Docs is a two-day meeting place for leaders of the documentary field in which upcoming projects are pitched, honed, and developed. The 19 films selected for this year’s festival hail from 18 countries and were drawn from a pool of 200 submissions. The Forum draws over 500 top industry professionals who assess the pre-selected projects.

Several projects come from prominent names in the documentary field including Bisbee ’17 from director Robert Greene, who previously wowed Hot Docs audiences with 2014’s Actress starring The Wire’s Brandy Burre in a genre-bending film that fused performance with poetic documentary. Greene’s recent meta-documentary Kate Plays Christina similarly explored life and art through the screen performance as the director followed actress Kate Lyn Sheil during her preparations to play ill-fated journalist Christine Chubbuck.

Two projects are close to the POV family. Filmmaker and former POV editor Geoff Bowie joins the forum to present his upcoming film Nahanni: River of Forgiveness. Bowie’s credits as a director include Waiting for Real Life (2008) and The Universal Clock: The Resistance of Peter Watkins (2001). Jacinta, from current POV board member Nimisha Mukerji’s Shotglass Productions, brings director Jessica Earnshaw to the Forum as well. Earnshaw’s previous credits include the Shotglass production Tempest Storm, which was an audience favourite at last year’s festival. Additional Canadian projects include an untitled Jennifer Laude documentary from Aynaku Media (Migrant Dreams) and Blue Box from Intuitive Pictures (Monsoon) and Breakthrough Films (Search for the Heroes of Vimy). The top Canadian pitch at the Forum will receive the Hot Docs Corus Pitch Prize, which carries a purse of $10,000 in production funds.

“We want to congratulate this year’s pitch teams which showcase an incredible breadth of global stories for the consideration of the community of decision makers,” said Dorota Lech, Hot Docs industry programmer and Forum producer. “We are so proud that the 19 projects that make up the 2017 Hot Docs Forum include representation from 18 countries, 10 female directors, and 25 female producers.” Hot Docs continues to show positive numbers for women in the programming with parity often achieved organically.

The Hot Docs Forum features key decisions makes including producers, distributors, sales agents, funders and buyers. Companies conformed to attend the Forum include ARTE, Al Jazeera, BRITDOC, Catapult Film Fund, CBC, SRC -Radio Canada, Chicken & Egg, Discovery Communications, Knowledge, The New York Times Op-Docs, PBS, Sundance Institute, TVO, and VICE. Additional projects for the industry component will be named when Hot Docs announces the one-on-one selections for the Hot Docs Deal Maker.

The following projects will be presented at this year’s Hot Docs Forum:

306 Hollywood
Production Companies: El Tigre Productions LLC (USA), Laokoon Filmgroup (Hungary), Preferred Content (USA)
Directors: Elan Bogarin, Jonathan Bogarin

93 Queen
Production Company: Malka Films LLC (USA)
Director: Paula Eiselt

After a Revolution
Production Companies: Met Film Production Company (UK), Huma Productions (Libya), EiE s.r.l (Italy)
Director: Giovanni Buccomino

Bisbee ’17
Production Company: 4th Row Films (USA)
Director: Robert Greene

Blue Box
Production Companies: Norma Productions Ltd. (Israel), Intuitive Pictures (Canada), Breakthrough Films (Canada)
Director: Michal Weits

Production Companies: Idioms Film (Palestine), HB PeÅ Holmqvist Film (Sweden)
Directors: Karam Ali, Casey Asprooth-Jackson

Production Companies: Old Friend, LLC (USA), Filou Films (Pakistan)
Director: Fazeelat Aslam

I’m a Code
Production Company: TEMJIN Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Director: Itaru Matsui

Production Companies: Endeavor Pictures LLC (USA), Shotglass Productions Inc. (Canada)
Director: Jessica Earnshaw

Nahanni: River of Forgiveness
Production Companies: 90th Parallel Productions Ltd. (Canada), Elan Productions Ltd. (Canada)
Director: Geoff Bowie

Rajada Dalka / Nation’s Hope
Production Companies: Radio Film Ltd. (UK), Radio Film Ltd (USA), Inzo ya Bizizi (Republic of the Congo), Laika Film & Television AB (Sweden)
Director: Hana Mire

Lady of the Harbour
Production Company: Muyi Film (The Netherlands)
Director: Sean Wang

The Feeling of Being Watchwd
Production Companies: Multitude Films, LLC (USA), Watched Film, LLC (USA), Naked Edge Films Inc. (USA)
Director: Assia Boundaoui

The Infiltrators
Production Companies: Pueblo Sight & Sound (USA), Naked Edge Films Inc. (USA)
Directors: Cristina Ibarra, Alex Rivera

The Quest for Tonewood
Production Company: Norsk Fjernsyn AS (Norway)
Director: Hans Lukas Hansen

The Real Thing
Production Companies: Artline Films (France), Golden Girls (Austria)
Director: Benoit Felici

War Watchers
Production Companies: Drygas Production (Poland), Braidmade Films Ltd. (UK), Bekke Films (Belgium), MiroGraph LLC (Ukraine)
Director: Vita Drygas

The Watchmen
Production Companies: Little Big Story (France), Stenola Production Sprl (Belgium), GraffitiDoc (Italy)
Director: Madeleine Leroyer

Untitled Jennifer Laude Documentary
Production Companies: Storytellers International (Philippines), Unraval Pictures (USA), Aynaku Media (Canada)
Director: PJ Raval

The Hot Docs Forum runs May 2-3 during this year’s festival. *Please visit for more information.