Hot Docs Audience Award Rankings: May 2 - ‘Rumble’ Jumps to #1

Courtesy of Hot Docs

By Pat Mullen

We have a rumble and a tumble in the Hot Docs Audience Award rankings! Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World jumps to the #1 spot in both the Audience Award and Canadian Audience Awards races, while Indigenous music doc The Road Forward, which led yesterday’s rankings, plummeted all the way to #20. The drop let Step step on up to the runner-up spot and four-hour Grateful Dead doc Long Strange Trip creep up to #3. New debuts on the list include Charles Officer’s Unarmed Verses and Lucija Stojevic’s La Chana. Rumble has its final screening today at Hot Docs. Check back tomorrow to see if it holds the top spot!

  1. Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World
  2. Step
  3. Long Strange Trip
  4. La Chana
  5. Dolores
  6. Unarmed Verses
  7. Muhi – Generally Temporary
  8. Unrest
  9. Bee Nation (Profile | review)
  10. A Better Man
  11. Strad Style
  12. Becoming Who I Was
  13. State of Exception
  14. Ask the Sexpert
  15. Gilbert
  16. Mermaids
  17. City of Ghosts
  18. I Am Another You
  19. Susanne Bartsch: On Top
  20. The Road Forward

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