First Footage from Rob Stewart’s ‘Sharkwater: Extinction’

By Pat Mullen

Grab some Kleenex. Cineplex just released the first footage of late director Rob Stewart’s new film Sharkwater: Extinction. The one-minute clip features footage of Stewart swimming with sharks in dazzling underwater shots that highlight his ability to transport audiences to the depths of the oceans and inspire them to fight for a healthier planet. Set to a new original song “Child of the Water” by Chantal Kreviazuk, this clip is bound to make Sharkwater fans a little teary-eyed.

Stewart died in February 2017 while diving off the coast of Florida. Fans immediately let out an outpouring of support for his family and friends and shared memories of his 2006 breakthrough film Sharkwater and the 2012 follow-uo Revolution. Both films were box office and award-winning hits that helped draw new eyes to the environmental causes Stewart champion, such as fighting the illegal shark fin trade. Stewart was in Florida researching Sharkwater: Extinction and died doing what he loved.

The new reel and song form an artistic tribute to Stewart conceived by Michael Kennedy, Executive Vice President of Cineplex. “I was devastated last year when we lost Rob in a tragic diving accident while filming this movie,” said Kennedy in a statement from Cineplex. “I felt a song would be an amazing way to pay tribute to him. Being able to watch the extraordinary talents of Chantal Kreviazuk bring ‘Child of the Water’ to life was an overwhelming and truly inspiring experience!”

Sharkwater: Extinction folows Stewart around the world as he dives into the underworld of the pirate fishing trade to expose a multi-billion dollar industry. The first look comes with the announcement that Extinction will hit theatres October 5th.

Watch the clip below and via Cineplex.

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